Welcome to Dubious Monk’s Thought Portal…

This is the third incarnation of this blog, the original location of such with all the original blog posts having been deleted.

Having returned to writing/blogging after many months of considering no return to said craft, I find the need to start over once again with an introduction.

I am a Progressive Hermetic Christian or an Episcopagan, if you will…

I am a 28 year old musician, mage and marketing/sales professional. I started my blogging career over at my “muggle” blog Adventures In office Imaging. After having written a post there yesterday pertaining to sigils, I felt the need to once again revamp this medium to continue my expressions of ideas regarding my interests.

IE: Music, Magic(k), Advertising, Mythology, Story Telling, Spirituality, Etc.

After writing and self publishing my first book, I felt I had exhausted my writing abilities to some extent as it was never something I had seriously undertaken other than a fleeting attempt to write a science fiction novel at the age of 11 of which I turned in for a school project (all 21 pages of it) henceforth receiving an A+ grade.

Oddly enough, after receiving such praise, I did not write much at all after that (other than song lyrics and random bits of poetry) until 2009 when I began blogging professionally on the blog mentioned above.

After the publishing of my book, I lost all desire to write and started to experiment with a web comic series and vlogging.

Yesterday I was inspired to pick up the art of writing again after reading an excerpt from Amanda Sledz book Psychopomp.

In an attempt to contact Amanda to ask her questions regarding the occult themes in her book, primarily that of unintentional shamanism, I found that despite having a WordPress login , I could not login to her blog to comment. Thoroughly annoyed, I persisted until finding myself here at this blog, a relic from my past which had content that was for the most part, so far removed from my current perspectives I intended to delete it.

Finding that the blog still existed acted as an additional affirmation which compounded by the synchronicity mentioned above, lead me to the belief that I was to return to this place, eliminate the content therein and start over for the third time.

Perhaps as they say, this is the charm.