Artwork: Spirits, by Nathan Dube

I am not a fan of labels, especially when it comes to defining my spirituality.

That being said, in order to communicate my beliefs I have found that labels are necessary.


This is how I define my spirituality/faith/cosmology.

I see the seven hermetic principles resonate throughout life as perceived here in our three dimensional perceptions and I believe that those principles likely transcend our perceptions into the deeper nature of reality.

Indeed, As above, so below.

I see Jesus as a physical manifestation of divine love and his work on the cross as the ultimate occult ritual. An expression of pure love that descends from the all.

Unlike conservative/evangelical Christians I do not see the crucifixion as an atonement or saving grace presented only to Christians.

Such an interpretation in light of Christs words “forgive them father for they know not what they do” seems at best, ignorant and at worst just plain stupid.

Had Jesus instead turned to God and said, “when I get back I can’t wait murder all these sinning pieces of shit” well then, perhaps the evangelical perspective of eternal hell as the resting place of all people other than the Christan population of the earth would make sense but alas, this is not the case.

It is my view that all of those who serve the light (those who love their neighbor as themselves and serve love (god?) with all their heart) will enter the kingdom of heaven regardless of them being Atheist, Agnostic, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Pagan, etc.

I believe that you can be an atheist (or of any belief system) and still follow Christ with out knowing the name of the path you follow to be Jesus.

IE: I think that Gandhi is in heaven and if you happened to suggest to me that he is not because he was not a “christian” my general response to you is “fuck you”.

(Hey at least I am honest. I am not going to sugar coat my thoughts or blow smoke up your ass to appease your ego…)

The bible is at once an inspirational book and also a deadly and vicious tool. Like all tools it can be used for good or evil.

Give a man a hammer and he could build a house or murder his neighbor. The action chosen by he/she who wields the hammer does not make the hammer in and of itself good or evil.

Indeed the bible is a tool in the same way. It can be and has been used as a catalyst for the greatest expression of love and the most horrid terrors known to man.

The true danger of the bible lies in the fact that many Christians worship the bible itself rather than follow the teachings of Christ. The bible has become an idol for millions of modern forms of Christianity in both the Protestant and Catholic denominations.

The “Jesus” that is “worshiped” by may Christians today is a false god. An evil egregore created by political extremists hiding within the modern “church” as a means to control the heard of believers who for generations, have chosen to consume the opiate of their “christian” religion.

The Christian who at once points a finger at the LGBT community as an abomination to God and then goes to enjoy his/her shellfish and or clothing made from two materials is the worst kind of hypocrite not only for sheer blind stupidity but even more so if said “christian” is aware of such ridiculous contradictions but chooses to ostracize the LGBT community despite being aware of such foolishness.

And yet today you can walk into any christian “mega-church” (or as I like to call them white washed temples dedicated to the god of greed) and watch while the pastor demonizes various communities of pagans, homosexuals, and peoples of other faiths as the congregation nods while sipping their lattes from the Starbucks in the foyer of their temple.

Many of these fools failing to recognize that with each sip they send a prayer to the siren adorning their precious over-priced cup of greed.

Now I am not saying that all “traditional” Christians from Evangelical/Baptist and or other Protestant/Catholic denominations (or Starbucks customers for that matter) are “bad”.

Nor am I suggesting that because I stray away from such dealings that I am in any way “better” than them. I am fully aware of how far from perfection I am and “sin” many times consciously throughout the day.

What I AM saying is that the people mentioned above who do not have the same understanding and project the same realization that they also are committing atrocities against their fellow human beings via their zombie like adoration and consumption of conservative bullshit theology that Jesus would likely vomit over, is where they dig themselves deeper into the depths of idolatry and where I find it hard to suppress my own judgement of this behavior.

At least I am willing to admit that yes, I judge, I lie, I fail, I hate.

I am human.

Those whose plastic faith allow them to readily hand out judgement while blinding them to their own failures are those who make my blood boil.

It is this bullshit form of Christianity that is so prevalent in America and across the globe that has caused me to leave “the church” (that is to say, no longer attending a building with a steeple every Sunday and giving money to an organization that is more concerned about building a larger congregation and buying a larger building) and carve my own path in search of the divine love that Christ is supposed to represent.

For me church is where two or more gather in his name and if that place is a shady street corner and one of those who gather is a heroin addict who is asking for spare change, then that is where Church was meant to happen at that time and the context of such an aggregate is by far more a holy temple than the aforementioned “mega-church”.

I often hear many Christians crying out saying, there is war on our faith!

To that I would reply, there is no war on your faith! There is a war on the bullshit religion you have built around the egregore of the God you claim to “worship”.