Gordon has suggested that business is becoming more magickal.

While I read those words and nod to myself, I also think, hasn’t it always been magickal? Is not the processes of marketing, advertising and sales but the modern manifestation of (mostly black) magick?

Let me explain…

The funny thing about becoming proficient at sales is that as you do so, management sees your progress and will undoubtedly sign you up for sales training.

I am currently going through Larry Coco’s sales training program. Larry is a legend in the world of sales, particularly as a sales manager in the industries relating to office imaging equipment.

While I have proven to be (an albeit unlikely) talented salesman, my boss thought that I would be able to garner some gems of insight from Larry and to add them to my own very unique approach to sales.

However, while Larry’s paradigm is indeed filled with success, it is far to old school for me. It is no surprise that his templates garner “success” for those who have the penchant for sales and take the initiative to follow his guidelines but his definition of success is that old Goliath of corporate perspective…

“Money is success.”

Sure there is a lot of elements that talk about customer service and treating people right but the real focus is on making cold hard cash and of course, that is something that will never be removed from the focus of sales.

That being said, financial success from multiple “scores” and hitting this months top numbers could not be further from my mind.

I find that the spirit brought me into this career to show me how sales and marketing works which inevitably revealed to me that I was in fact, born a “white” wizard and that we are at a time in history where marketing and sales is filled with mostly practitioners of black magick, thus mages such as myself are needed to even the playing field and then to tilt the scales towards the light.

I need to make money to keep my job, I have to try to meet quotas to suggest to my management team that I deserve to be here.

At the end of the day however, my focus is solely on customer service and helping people in need. I have sigils hanging above my desk which represent my true intentions which are serving those in need and helping people.

They are a daily reminder that while I must play the part of the salesman in the theater that is my weekly sales meetings, it is my heart and intentions that have brought both my self and by extension my company success through the conduit that I have become regarding my career as a salesman.

That is to say, I was at first just as surprised at how well I have done with sales as my bosses had been after my first year experimenting within said craft. I was most awe struck when winning employee of the year at our 2010 Christmas party.

I am after all, the only salesman I know of with hair nearly down to his ass…

The hippie who can sell in B2B circles is as I have found, a true rarity and yet, that is why I am good at what I do. In 2009 I saw the paradigm shift that was already well underway in marketing via social media and I lept at the chance to catalyze on its potential.

Zoom to the present day life of one Mr. Nathan Dube, and here I am using those same potentials to transform the art of sales and reconnect what is a dark magick to the light so that it may indeed be seen through the eyes of my customers that there is something different about my approach to said craft.

I have literally heard the thoughts of some of my customers saying, hmm… Perhaps they are not all selling snake oil. Perhaps this one is different.

And so (IMO) it is not so much that business is becoming more magickal, but that the magick of business is becoming filled with light as the egregores of the old corporate giants begin to dissolve.

Projecting a spirit of love and service and focusing on the projection of said elements towards your customers and prospects will attract financial success to your endeavors.

Everything else is just snake oil.