Below you will find an experiment that I did for work and which I am also submitting to Jason Miller as a homework assignment for his STRATEGIC SORCERY course (highly recommended). This was originally posted to Jason’s web forum.

I thought that this may be a useful experiment for other sales/marketing professionals and felt that it would be well received here on my blog.

Good morning everyone!

I wanted to post a few magick experiments of my own, get some feedback and hopefully hear about some of your own work as well!

Experiment #1: Telepathy For Business Communications

I touched upon this work in another post and wanted to give a more detailed description here.

I work for a managed print services company as a sales consultant and I am also the social media marketing director for the same employer.

About a month and a half ago I contacted a prospect with the hope to garner the necessary information to propose a managed print contract for said prospect.

Basically I generate a report about an organizations laser printer/copier fleet and give that report to a prospect free of charge. Included in the report is proposal showing how much consumables, repairs, and service would cost with our program versus how the company currently buys cartridges and pays for repairs when necessary.

I would say 8 out of ten times I get the business of the prospect because our program saves our customers a significant amount of time and money over there current process for said dynamics relating to their office equipment.

Sometimes however, prospects have already had a report done by a competitor, have done it themselves or don’t see the value in the paradigm shift from their current process.

This is what happened with the prospect mentioned above.

I called him, gave my elevator pitch and he sounded both annoyed and interested at the same time explaining he had already done this report and was going to be meeting with two of our competitors the following day.

I asked if he could give me a list of the machines he had so that I could generate a solid proposal. He basically said no, to which I told him well I can’t give you a proposal without that information. He (sounding frustrated) then replied something to the effect of “well I guess we won’t be doing business together then”


I was at first going to simply let it go and chalk it up to a failed attempt, however during this time period I was reading Agrippa’s three books of occult philosophy on the sacred texts website. In the foot notes there was commentary about a telepathy technique which is laid out as follows:

1. Write a letter to the person you wish to speak with

2. Place in a sealed envelope

3. Burn envelope while focusing on a link of the person

4. Focus and project the message until the envelope is fully burntNow I added a couple other elements, one being humor, I put a stamp on the envelope cause you know…

It wont go through with out one. 

I also wrote the address on the front as if it would be sent through the mail. Inside with the letter I also included a sigil which I made with 17hex’s sigil generator the sigil was one of 4 which was made via the shoal technique of Gordon White mentioned here:

Before burning the envelope I cast a circle around a fire pit and did the LBRP (I don’t think this was necessary, I did it because said ritual puts me in a focused meditative mood and thought it would boost the effectiveness of the work)

I used a portion of the conversation we had on the phone as a mantra to focus on the target, keeping the sound of his voice in my minds eye (or perhaps i should say my “minds ear”?) after the envelope was fully burnt I clapped and laughed to end the work as suggested in Phil Hines Condensed Chaos and went back to the office.

The following morning the prospect called me back saying he had a change of heart and would give me one chance to propose rates.

He gave me the information I needed and our program and cost blew the competitors offerings out of the water.

Mission accomplished.