What can I say? It has been over two years since I last posted here…

No excuses, I (metaphorically) journeyed into the desert. Really though, I just needed a break from blogging, professionally or otherwise and wanted to focus on my music, magic and writing my second book.

For those interested, here is my first book.

Since my last post I have continued slowly with Jason Millers Strategic Sorcery Course, having completed reading all the course material and working on the homework assignments (not finished) I added a lot of great elements to my own practice.

I have also done some evocations with Rufus Opus‘s Modern Angelic Grimoire for Zaphkiel and Zadkiel to subtle but noticeable effect, although it has been sometime since my last use of said work, I do recommend it as a simple and effective introduction to the art of traditional evocation.

My current practice involves daily offerings via my alter for various spirits, dearly departed and some of the deities from Peter J. Carol’s EPOCH. With the coming holidays, my guess is it is going to look more like it did around this time last year.


While I do not have any specific or exact daily routine for my magical practice, as of late, I am doing the LBRP three to four times per week, making offerings (at least every other day) to my selected spirits and am currently rocking a mojo bag for wealth and money attraction with items I compiled from the Avalon Rose.

I also recently purchased a graphite curio from Batle Studios. It is a piece of graphite that is blended with a special polymer that prevents it from staining your hands but will write like a pencil on paper. It is shaped as a skull which attracted my curiosity as I noticed it on a shelf at Martha’s Herbary. I will be using it solely for the creation of sigils in the traditional Sparian style.


As for my musical endeavors, My band Jabooda had our busiest year since inception back in the summer of 2006. We toured New England starting in January of 2016 and played shows throughout the year in various cities including Boston Massachusetts, Providence Rhode Island and Burlington Vermont.

Here is a clip from our last show of 2015 at the FamJam Music Festival in Dudley Massachusetts.

Finally in addition to a strong year of sales at my “muggle job” I am happy to announce that I am currently on page 100 of my second book “A Labyrinth Of Dreams” which will be part one of at least a trilogy of fantasy novels.

The series, while based in the fantasy genre, will follow the tales of Julian Crane. This is a character whom I am in part using as a “biographical avatar” for some of my very own real life experiences in magic, and dream craft. As for which experiences are “real” and which are fiction, well…

You will have to use your own intuition and imagination…

The book will contain references to real magical practices which while used by the characters in this fictional tome, are real world forms of enchantment, spell craft and life hacking. This work is very much a personal journey into my own subconscious and imagination (cloaked within fiction) which is inspired to some extent, by Jung’s The Red Book.

It is my intention to start writing here more often and eventually regularly. I am hoping to attract old and new readers alike, so if you follow this blog and are interested in the content I post here, please spread the word about life returning to this portal of thoughts!