Dreaming While Headless

The one thing Gordon says that absolutely will happen after doing the headless rite from The Chaos Protocols is that you will notice a change in your dreams. For me at least, this is 100% correct… I was a bit scared honestly as I just assumed my dreams would become unbearably strange, unnerving and overbearingContinue reading “Dreaming While Headless”

An Interview With Thad McKraken

Below I present to you, an interview with author, musician and psych magic practitioner, Thad McKraken. Thad is a regular contributor to Disinfo.com and has written several books including his most recent Transmissions From Outside of Time. Thad and I have been chatting through facebook for a few years now and I find his approachContinue reading “An Interview With Thad McKraken”

Passing Through The Veil

I had my first truly intense, ritual psychedelic experience at the age of 15 with a few friends on a Wednesday afternoon after getting home from school. Our vehicle of choice was LSD. I personally consumed three hits of the “silver shards” as it was labeled and told a friend about said consumption on theContinue reading “Passing Through The Veil”

A Personal Genesis: Beginning Magic

Somewhere along the line, we all had an experience(s) that lead us to begin the practice of magic. Personally, I was a late bloomer as far as a regular practice and public declaration is concerned although, I did experiment heavily with ritualized psychedelic and entheogen use starting at the age of 14. Being raised asContinue reading “A Personal Genesis: Beginning Magic”

Discussing Failures

We all enjoy talking about our successes and our accomplishments, but what about our failures? It is not always easy to admit failure especially when you do a working and you get excited about the outcome will be only to eventually realize, you got something wrong along the way. Below I present to you, someContinue reading “Discussing Failures”

Using “The EPOCH”

There are a lot of wonderful occult books coming out these days and it is a great time to be a practicing magician. Currently, my favorite practical magic book is Peter J. Carroll’s gorgeously illustrated Epoch. The Esotericon & Portals of Chaos Book and Deck. I have had my copy of the book for aboutContinue reading “Using “The EPOCH””

Using RO’s Angelic Grimoire

One of the more “ritual magick” types of work I have done would be utilizing Rufus Opus’s “Modern Angelic Grimoire” approach to Trithemius: The art of drawing spirits into crystals which you can no longer get off of his website, although he does have this advice if you are seeking it. From RO’s head forContinue reading “Using RO’s Angelic Grimoire”

Defining “BIG” Success (With Examples)

When we talk about success, specifically in magic but also in life in general, that dynamic entirely depends on how we as individuals define success. For me personally, that means moving the meat space world in ways that really “wow” others. Below I would like to present a couple of successes I define as “big”Continue reading “Defining “BIG” Success (With Examples)”

So, What Works For YOU?

The one thing I find most annoying about some magicians is their insistence on secrecy, as if they have some mind boggling elixir of awesome that only they should have access to. Perhaps, some of them do… That being said, unless it is a truly dangerously effective magical tech that could cause nuclear war, IContinue reading “So, What Works For YOU?”

Jovial Chaos

I have been a student of Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery course since 2013. He is one of the few full time professional magician’s who is thriving as a self employed occultist in this day and age. His course is thorough and loaded with knowledge and useful magical tech. I consider him to be one ofContinue reading “Jovial Chaos”