I have been a student of Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery course since 2013. He is one of the few full time professional magician’s who is thriving as a self employed occultist in this day and age. His course is thorough and loaded with knowledge and useful magical tech. I consider him to be one of the best magician’s alive today.

That being said, if it was not for Gordon White and Rune Soup, I would not (in the traditional sense) be a practicing magician today, nor would I have ever discovered Jason. In that respect, I find their disagreement on Jupiter to be rather, odd…

I guess I am surprised, considering Gordon’s background in Chaos Magic (which is based largely on the ability to paradigm shift belief systems) that he feels so strongly about Jupiter as an angry sky daddy, but works with YHVH to some extent or another.

Personally, I think there is really only one true creator. One God/Supreme consciousness and I do not think it has a penis or a vagina… Or a physical body for that matter (lest (s)he/it decides to temporarily manifest in one).

The “God’s” (IE: Jupiter, Juno, Venus) are in my opinion, very powerful egregores. I do not believe that they are organic spirits as I consider the souls of humans to be. And while I believe in demons and angels as powerful, organic spirits, I think that they are spirits, plain and simple. Some which are friendly and helpful to humans, some which are not and others which are neutral or disinterested with humanity in general.

I believe there are only ever “the same spirits” present at all times, wether incarnate in a body or not and that they are known by different names to different cultures. Which is to say, whatever the archangel Michael actually is, (s)he/it is know by other names to other cultures who are not Christian. I am of the opinion that each culture interprets the same spirits in different ways under different names.

As for Jupiter, my opinion is this. He is not venerated anywhere near as much as he was at the top of his game many years ago. If someone starts making offerings, even small but daily offerings, he takes notice…

Maybe it is because I work in sales, maybe it is because I just go with what works… I am not really sure. But after a month of daily offerings of nothing but electronic candle light and filtered water (coffee on Thursdays) at my very humble altar in my cubicle to Jupiter, things changed more than noticeably… Sales leads and opportunities about 15-20 or so (in less than two months) just started pouring in with no effort on my part…

I cannot ignore the fact that the only difference in my weekly work habits have been the humble, daily offerings to Jupiter. To assume that the reason for the influx of opportunities (many of the larger of which are being closed with great success) is to be attributed to anything other than the Jupiter offerings, would seem to error on the side of skepticism of which, I have no basis to support such thoughts.

Of course, I am open minded enough to assume all of this is just in my head, but then again, I am a big fan of Lon Milo DuQuette and IF all of this really is “just” my imagination, is it not still success related to belief invested in otherwise nonsensical rituals?

If that is ultimately all that magic is, I am totally fine with that.

I have been operating under the idea that the definition of magic may need an update anyway, and it is this:

“Magic is 100% complete and utter bullshit… That works! Which is to say, if nothing else, it is highly effective nonsense.”