The one thing I find most annoying about some magicians is their insistence on secrecy, as if they have some mind boggling elixir of awesome that only they should have access to. Perhaps, some of them do… That being said, unless it is a truly dangerously effective magical tech that could cause nuclear war, I say… Get over yourself. Share the wealth!

In that spirit, I wanted to share some of the things that have been most effective for me…

Mixed Tech


Experimentation is KEY, doing only what you read in books and not taking chances or being willing to fail or make mistakes is a dull path. I used a variation of this conjure technique which was intended to be used for goetic spirits and instead, used it on a egregore of my own creation.

(NOTE: I tried this tech with goetic spirits before and it always failed or caused problems, do NOT improvise the instructions if you use this working for goetic evocation, it is very effective but requires you follow the instructions it would seem.)

I swapped out the seal of the goetic spirit with a sigil for an egregore I created called “Jabooda” which was also the name of my band at the time. The sigil for the spirit was created using the Golden Dawn’s Rose Cross sigil generator as seen below:


This working was done to help my band who shared the name of the egregore get a gig at a club that had been impossible for us to book for years. After doing this working, we landed a gig within a month. You can see a picture of my former band below and download our studio album for FREE here!




I find it matters not if you “believe” in the thing which offerings are made to, although I have found that belief potentiates results. I make daily offerings of electric candle light and filtered water (coffee on Thursdays) to Jupiter. Random offerings to the spirits of my dead friends, family and pets (particularly my grandfather who was murdered in my youth) of incense, candle light, alcohol and/or food.

Recently, I started weekly offerings of candle light, incense and prayer at a local catholic shrine to a statue of “our lady of lourdes” as well and while I have yet to see results from that, the offerings to Jupiter and the spirits of the dead have been most effective.

Our Lady of Lourdes

I experienced a large increase in sales leads after about a month of the Jupiter offerings and my dead relatives, friends and pets often visit in dreams offering wisdom, knowledge or guidance in times of need.

I also had an altar with regular offerings to Thoth during the writing of my fantasy novel “A Labyrinth Of Dreams” which is currently out to bid for editors. Those offerings provided the needed push when I just did not feel like writing or needed direction/inspiration.

In addition to my regular offerings, I make random offerings to forest/local spirits, saints, deities, angels, etc. If your not sure what to offer, a prayer is always a good option.

Mojo Bag


My bag is composed of a small green felt pouch which contains a miniature Jupiter talisman, three stones which are said to attract wealth/money, a rune of wealth attraction and two quarters. The bag has also been anointed with cedar oil.

I find since I began taking it with me everywhere I go, simply carrying it in my pocket, small bits of synchronicity connected to my Jupiter work have arose. I consider it an extension of my work with Jove.

Conjure Hand


Like the daily/regular offerings and Mojo Bag, I have to give credit once again to Jason Miller and his strategic sorcery course for this bit of tech. It is simple, straight forward and easy to implement.

Rather than make my own conjure hand, I bought one at my beloved local occult shop, the Avalon Rose. It was hand made by a vodun and hoodoo practitioner in New Orleans. It is made of green felt, string, colored glue and a dollar bill. The base is bulbous and filled with money attracting herbs. It is anointed with cedar oil as well. This was the first bit of money drawing tech that I ever implemented.



I used the super simple BUNE evocation from Jason Miller’s “The Sorcerer’s Secrets” book about ten times before getting results (make sure to pronounce the name right!) But when I did, the results came fast. BUNE is a perfect adjunct to working with Jupiter.

As mentioned prior, my Jupiter work has helped bring me a lot of sales leads at my muggle job as a salesman and BUNE has helped me to close some of the bigger deals.

That being said, goetic spirits are all very different, I once tried the conjure method mentioned above with Eligos and he nearly broke the big toe on my left foot. BUNE is much more low key and friendly as suggested in Jason’s book.

As he suggests, be kind, be friendly and the spirit will do the same.



I am sure most of you are all familiar with Alan Moore’s perspective that art IS magic. I have to agree with him and I would say this: Make art. Just do it. Whether it is music, painting, drawing, graphics, whatever, just do it and WORK on it.

I made the piece above from reworking a photograph of sunlight reflecting off of a cars back windshield. Within a day of posting it on Facebook, I was offered a free space at a local music festival  to vend my art and while I declined due to an already full work load, it is just another feather in my cap and something I can consider doing in the future if I need to make some extra cash.

The more time and effort you put in, the better your art will become. With the ability to connect with so many people through social media, you will eventually find fans of your work. It could be months or years before you get to the point where you can sell your art, but as it is with magic, practice makes perfect!