When we talk about success, specifically in magic but also in life in general, that dynamic entirely depends on how we as individuals define success. For me personally, that means moving the meat space world in ways that really “wow” others.

Below I would like to present a couple of successes I define as “big” in a magical sense.

Back in 2013 after completing my first read through of Jason Miller’s Financial Sorcery, I talked to my boss about some of the idea’s present in the book, he seemed intrigued and while he was not a magician, he was open to my ideas that perhaps some magical tech could be useful in the sales process as it parallels some of the self help and finance books he had been familiar with.

After reading an overview of Jason’s strategic sorcery course, I entered the course and paid the $150.00 entrance fee (if your part of the SS course, my forum name is aoxomoxoa). The following day I thought to myself, “well why not see if the company would reimburse me for the course as my boss had shown interest in Jason’s work?”

I sat in my cubicle and worked up a shoal with five or so sigils and a robofish. One of the sigils intents was to get the company to reimburse me for the cost of Jason’s SS course. I charged the sigils (via a meditation technique of my own), walked into my bosses office and made my case.

He cut me a check for $150.00 on the spot saying he would be interested in seeing what I could do with the knowledge in the course and thought it would a good investment as it was a small enough cost to justify the company paying for the course.

That was one of my first “big wins” with sigil magic. Certainly, a feather in my cap…

The next noticeable success came from sending my boss some articles from rune soup and a quick mention about “chaos magic”.

On February 7, 2014, he asked me to give a fifteen minute presentation on chaos magic (on company time mind you) in the board room, to which I happily obliged. The lesson included a synopsis of Gordon White’s approach to sigilization and a visualization of the sales process projected onto the tree of life (as seen below). At that point, I thought he would be interested in a post on the company blog that I wrote about sigils back in 2012 which can be seen here.

sales tree.jpg

At the time I wrote that post, I was unsure how management would react.

Walking out of the board room on that day about two years after it’s publication, I was quite sure it was not going to be a problem…

A week or so later my boss mentioned he had read a bit of Aleister Crowley’s the book of lies saying, “it was a bit much to process”. I suggested maybe trying some Peter J. Carroll instead…