One of the more “ritual magick” types of work I have done would be utilizing Rufus Opus’s “Modern Angelic Grimoire” approach to Trithemius: The art of drawing spirits into crystals which you can no longer get off of his website, although he does have this advice if you are seeking it. From RO’s head for the red blog:

“I joined the A.’.A.’. a couple of years ago, and as I went through the actual Work involved and earned the degree of Neophyte, I came to realize that I was charging money for A.’.A.’. teachings, or rather, things that you learn in the A.’.A.’. as you do the Work.

But the things in my courses and ebooks are incomplete, and lack a context that adds to the overall experience of the Work, it turns out. I didn’t have a problem charging for that information when it was my hard-won knowledge that I deduced by conjuring spirits and performing the Great Work. I sweat it out in hard labor, and figured my experiences were worth money, and if you wanted to do it yourself, go to like I did and figure it out.”

That being said, if you still want to get a copy of it, he has this advice:

“So, if you can get your hands on copies of my old stuff on the interwebs for free, go for it, but know it’s not as good as the A.’.A.’. stuff you can get for free. The A.’.A.’. stuff is harder, in some ways, but it’s a lot more complete.”

RO, is in my opinion, one of the “big names” in modern occult circles these days and for good reason. He is a hard working, bad ass magician with more than a little attitude. He is well known throughout the occult blogosphere as are his ebooks and his Seven Spheres book which was printed by Nephilim Press!

His blog was one of the first few blogs I found when searching google for “magick blog” years ago when I was just getting started and it was he in conjunction with Jack Faust of vonfaustus blog (please write more Jack!), Gordon White of Rune Soup and Jason Miller of Strategic Sorcery who had been my introduction to the occult blogosphere.

RO has a penchant for stringent opinions, in your face attitude and bold confidence in his work and belief system.

It is these traits of his that I admire most and and you can see all of that come through the Modern Angelic Grimoire.

So, here is my story on using this particular book. Below you will find my experiences with the three arch angels I have chosen to work with.



Of the three angels I have evoked with this system, he is the one I have worked with most. I found him to be a bit dry in conversation, very much “all business”. He is easy to interact with and provides answers to questions readily.

As this was earlier in my magic career and the first type of spirit work of this kind I had ever done, I wanted to keep things short and simple.

I asked him a few questions, thanked him for his time and said my goodbyes as that whole process is laid out in RO’s ebook.

I did this about 3 or 4 times before asking him for something which was the close on a large sale at work. Tzadkiel asked for something rather odd in return for services rendered.


As it was spring at the time, acorns had been in short supply and I asked if it would be ok if I make the offering in the fall, when there is a plethora of the little buggers available. His answer was yes.

So, a few months later, while walking one September afternoon, I noticed the first few green acorns had fallen. I collected them and when I returned home, I thought and meditated on my intuition regarding the offering and felt compelled to bury the acorns with the seal of Tzadkiel in my backyard.

That was two or three years ago at this point and the sale is still pending…

I get the impression the acorns may need to grow into a tree before I see any fruit from this working.

So be it…



This spirit had a bit more presence than Tzadkiel. The energy from his presence was palpable and energetic, more along the lines of what I would have expected from Michael. I never asked Tzaphkiel for any services rendered, I simply talked to him and asked questions and he responded in a stern but respectful tone.


raphael 2

Raphael was by far my favorite arch angel to work with. He showed up immediately and seemed happy to see and speak with me. I asked him many questions all of which he gladly answered.

One of the questions I asked was in relation to a very bad LSD experience I had as a teenager in which I always felt I had accidentally invoked/evoked an demonic spirit with malcontent towards me and a friend at the time of the event.

For years, this experience bothered me as I tried to fully understand what occurred. Long story short, due to circumstances out of my control in conjunction with music, atmosphere, weather and the activity of some muggles in the space where my friend and I had decided to experiment, we found ourselves in a very dark, very nightmarish realm for a long period of time.

Halfway through the experience, we had been sitting on the back porch of the house we were staying at, sitting in the rain, trying to avoid the intense heavy metal music blaring from the inside.

The things we were feeling, seeing and experiencing were quite intense, dark and certainly felt like pure, liquid, evil. My friend and I felt as if we were underwater in the spirit realm and drowning…

In my moment of absolute dread, I prayed to God, begging for help…

When things got so bad that I thought I would die or loose my soul for eternity, something physically picked up my friend and I by the cuff of our shirts pulled us to standing position and the trip stopped dead in it’s tracks.

For a few moments we stood, stone cold sober. Dumbfounded.

Then, I started to speak, but it was not me speaking, it was, I believe God or whatever entity saved us from our hell. I said something to the effect of: “We put ourselves in this position and while I can guarantee we will be OK, we still have to deal with the decisions we have made and it will come back”. My friend looked at me and said, what will come back?


The horrible trip came back and hit us like a freight train. For the next several hours we were tormented by what I can only describe as a demonic entity who was fascinated by mathematics and spiders and who took great joy in spinning me and my friends mind into a terrible, looping, repeating, oblivion.

An Alan Moore interview many years later in conjunction with the subsequent confirmation from Raphael during the evocation confirmed that the demon we unintentionally summoned was in fact Asmodeus.

Furthermore, Raphael did in fact confirm, it was he who came to our rescue…

It was explained to me that we were allowed to suffer while he stood by, holding Asmodeus in check from going to far with us, so that we might learn to tread more carefully in the future with our once “nonchalant” approach to psychedelic technology and a general disregard for the consequences of wondering into the spirit realm with no protections in place…

Raphael then explained to me he has acted as my guardian angel ever since…

Being that from this particular experience, I felt I had found what I was looking for with “high magick” I subsequently ended the use of RO’s system and have not done an evocation with it since.

Still, I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in evocation.