The one thing Gordon says that absolutely will happen after doing the headless rite from The Chaos Protocols is that you will notice a change in your dreams.

For me at least, this is 100% correct…

I was a bit scared honestly as I just assumed my dreams would become unbearably strange, unnerving and overbearing during waking life. Not entirely sure why that was my assumption but as my dreams clearly were already way, way “out-there” in those regards, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the change was a normalization of my dreams.

Starting literally the same night as doing the rite, my dreams have shifted to scenarios that are primarily various narratives where someone is trying to help me, show me something, give me a tour of a physical place or in some cases pursue me for reasons that are not clear.

For example:

Last night ,I had a dream I was in a kind of dilapidated but once very fancy hotel on the coast of what I perceived to be southern California or perhaps northwestern Mexico. The plot line was something to the extent of, somehow while traveling I had gotten stranded here and the people who currently “worked” at the hotel were kind of caretakers or people who had “claimed” or taken over this building.

I got the impression I was in a world about 10-20 years after an apocalyptic event of a global scale…

The Hotel did not have a roof other than what remained of a portion of it and there was also tarps or other temporary forms of a roof in various places. There did appear to be electricity and the rooms contained fresh linens. The people who were running the place and staying as guests all had a very “hippie” kind of vibe to them and the woman who was in charge who I was told to speak to about a room was in her late twenties, early thirties.

The Hotel was surrounded by other buildings in similar condition, some which had also been acquired, some which had not. The Hotel looked over a beautiful beach and the waves which came in from the sea had been very large in size, as if a storm or some force was making them volatile.

That being said, the sky was clear and truly blue, the sun was shining and the air was cool and comfortable. It was some kind of community that had risen from the ashes of a very large global disaster and had re-purposed the infrastructure from a previous time.

There was something very beautiful and comforting about this dream, it provided a sense of hope and peace regarding our potentially unpredictable future.

This is but one of many dreams I have had, all of which have their own unique circumstances and characters in which a narrative plays out, suggesting that a lesson is being taught or that I am supposed to learn something.

This seems particularly interesting as I have become lucid during dreams much less as of late, which is odd because I am quite adept at the art, something that just happened to me starting around the age of 5 years.

I am really thankful that my dreams have taken less intense, psychedelic and/or dark curves since doing the headless rite and don’t mind at all that my penchant for lucidity has waned.

Have you performed the rite yet? If so, what are your results?