It’s All Magic To Me

Frater B’s post certainly caused a stir, eh? Aaron Leitch‘s rebuttal seemed to keep the controversy going and while I have seen a lot of people side with Aaron, I tend to think it was not Frater B’s intention to come off as “attacking” the grimoire tradition to the extent that it was thought toContinue reading “It’s All Magic To Me”

Going Left Of Center

The phrase “Left Of Center” is a term I picked up somewhere to describe a persons actions who upon inspection, the observer may have trouble deciding if they are in fact on the cutting edge or perhaps too far out of the playing field to be taken seriously (mad). The practices I list below areContinue reading “Going Left Of Center”

Building An Egregore: A Case Study

A lot of people have asked me what this symbol means. The answer to that question is two fold. First, it is a sparian style sigil created from the letters of the name of a band that I toured New England and played professionally in for 10 years before recently breaking up. Secondly, it isContinue reading “Building An Egregore: A Case Study”

The RE/DEvolution of Sigils

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT another guide to sigilization! This is a discussion about the evolution we have seen regarding said magical tech over the past five years or so in light of my own approach. Of all the different types of magic I have come across throughout my personal exploration of magic, to this day,Continue reading “The RE/DEvolution of Sigils”

An Interview With Tommie Kelly

Below you will find an interview with magician, artist and comic writer Tommie Kelly. Tommie is one of the administrators of the Chaos Magick Group (CMG) on Facebook. Tommie is the creator of “The Great Work” comic series (highly recommended) and is a very talented artist and creative. If interested in his work, you canContinue reading “An Interview With Tommie Kelly”