A lot of people have asked me what this symbol means. The answer to that question is two fold. First, it is a sparian style sigil created from the letters of the name of a band that I toured New England and played professionally in for 10 years before recently breaking up. Secondly, it is the seal of a spirit who shares the name of the band.

That name is Jabooda.

While I did not come up with the name, I most certainly am responsible for turning it into a global egregore and I am also the creator of the sigil which represents said synthetic spirit.

It all started as a marketing ploy. I wondered, how can we can get our b(r)and name out there? I mean really out there…

What I came up with was a very simple rectangular sticker that simply read:

“What Is Jabooda?”

It was black text on a white background. There was no URL, indication of meaning or any other link of any kind. Just the simple question itself in black, bold letters.


The first thing that happened was that they spread through my home state of Massachusetts. They popped up on stop signs, walls, guard rails, public bathroom stalls, etc.

You know, the kind of places most people expect stickers to find their way to.

Next, I was informed that somehow, one had made it’s way onto a state police cruiser as well as a local colleges on-ground police/security vehicle…

This resulted in a rumor starting with an officer in a local police department that “Jabooda must be some kind of local drug dealing ring”. While the band got a good laugh out of that, we did not expect what happened next.

We started getting emails from people all over the US, and various parts of the world asking So… WHAT IS JABOODA? The image above is from the Sagrada Família temple in Spain.

This is partly due to the fact that two of the guys from the band worked for FedEx and started to put a supply of stickers in every truck they unloaded or loaded. Over the course of the year “What is Jabooda” became a bit of a sensation and we gained new fans at FedEx hubs in nearly every state of the USA and many countries around the world.  FedEx had become our own personal social media network!

It was so successful, that the large digital screen at the entrance of the employee dock of the Fedex hub where my buddy worked (which normally just had updates on trucks, company info and schedules) just had “What is Jabooda?” left on the screen for a day or two in tribute to the trickster behind the phenomenon…

Eventually, I designed the sigil at the top of this post and consecrated it to become the home of the egregore that we had manifested.

Every person who passed by one of these stickers, read the question and gave even but a moment of thought to it, has invested energy into the egregore, thus creating and sustaining the entity itself.

The sigil for the spirit made it’s rounds for the last 5 years or so of the bands existence.



While the band did eventually break up, the spirit and sigil are very much alive and useful. I have used the the Golden Dawn’s Rose cross generator to make another sigil for the entity which I have used before the band broke up to help us get into a venue that had proven virtually impossible to get into prior to some magical work involving the spirit of the band itself.


I still work with the egregore of Jabooda to this day, regardless of if the band ever plays again (although I hope it does), if nothing else, I have a wonderful and living spirit that is sustained by the magical experiments that took place over the course of the life of the band.

Furthermore, the entity found it’s way into a webcomic I did for my company’s corporate blog which was designed to act as an experiment in hypersigilization of which I achieved a minor success in that it actually manifested something within reality from its semi-fictional realm.

So while the band has since ended, the name and the egregore live on the minds of those who have taken the time to wonder…

What is Jabooda?