DISCLAIMER: This is NOT another guide to sigilization!

This is a discussion about the evolution we have seen regarding said magical tech over the past five years or so in light of my own approach.

Of all the different types of magic I have come across throughout my personal exploration of magic, to this day, AOS style sigilization is still the most efficient and effective tool in my arsenal. Not only are sigils potent and effective, but (as least for me) as time has gone on, they have proven to work very quickly in many instances.

Personally, I prefer to make my sigils in the traditional way removing the vowels and repeating letters and then combining the remaining into a symbol. Where I tend differ from many people is my choice to work primarily with digital means, graphics programs and the like…

The reason I do this is because when charging a black text sigil on a white illuminated digital screen, when you close your eyes, you can literally see the sigil illuminated in white against the darkness of your closed eyes.

This simple and perhaps trivial dynamic seems to help with the “digestion” of the sigil.

While it seems that everyone seems familiar with Gordon White’s approach (linked above) the most recent advancement in sigilization I think lies in the context of Thad McKraken’s  approach as detailed in his most recent book.

While I personally do not employ a sexual approach to charging sigils and tend to think it unnecessary, I do think Thad is on to something particularity in regards to charging an entire piece of art that is made while holding the intention/desire in mind rather than generating a traditional text based sigil.

That being said, I find that making a piece of art that incorporates multiple “traditional” sigils, makes for a more potent version of sigilizationn in general as you can include an entire shoal in one piece. I also like to incorporate the sigil of egregores and spirits into some of my pieces as seen below.


What you have here is a combination of a shoal and two different egregores all in the context of what is intended simply be a piece of art. This is an experimental approach to combining the previously mentioned elements of sigil creation into one piece that can be charged in one shot.

This experiment achieved the goal intended. Additionally, I honestly cant remember what any of the smaller sigils are for ( you can see a detailed image of some of them at the top of this post) so in that respect, I believe they have already worked or are in the process of working.

Sigils are by far my favorite part of doing magic and I am always interested in seeing what other magicians are doing to further the technology of sigilization