Dreaming is one of the magicians most potent tools. Dreams, particularly lucid dreams, allow us to visit universes of our own creation and also those which exist outside of us. To quote one of the greatest fictional wizards of all time:

“For in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own. Let them swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud.”

  • Albus Dumbledore.

Dreams are particularly interesting in that they allow us to converse with spirits, deities, entities and ancestors alike in full visual manifestation. I have found great solace in the dreams where I have been able to spend time with my grandfather, who was murdered when I was around eleven years old, some of which would last for days on end in dream time.

Of all the spirits whom I have had the pleasure to speak with in dreams however, there is one in particular who shows up more than any other…

My beloved German Shepard, Jade (or Jadie girl as she was commonly known).

This wonderful dog passed away over ten years ago, I carried her into the vets building while she was suffering heart failure and I walked out without her. This was honestly one of the hardest goodbye’s of my life.

Jade was a wonderful dog. She was happy, energetic, fun, empathetic and loving. Of all the spirits who visit me in my dreams, she is by far, the one who stops by most often.

While Jade has made it a point to visit on many occasions, one of the most memorable was one evening when I was resting on the daybed in the sunroom at the back of my house. I had fallen asleep but did not realize that I had as my dream started in the same room which I was then sleeping.

I felt something nudge me from behind and I turned around. There, siting on her haunches, panting gently and wagging her tail, was my sweet Jadie girl. I pet her head and thanked her for stopping by and then I gave her a hug. She smelled, looked, felt and acted exactly as she had in waking life when she was still alive.

It seems that she is aware that we are separated by more than just geological, physical space and man, do I wish she could explain where she has been and how she gets back to me for these little visits but alas, she does not talk or seem to have the ability to transfer this information via telepathy as I had hopped would be a possibility in the dream states where I have seen here since her death.

I simply thank her for visiting and spend time petting her, playing ball, and doing all the things she enjoyed when she was alive until I wake up. I always wake up after dreams with Jade’s visits in a good mood.

It seems she understands very well, that I am happy to see her which is why I think she has made it a point to return again and again. I often wonder if it is easier for the spirits of animals to visit us in our dream states as she comes to say hello and spend time with me more than any other of my beloved deceased.

I suspect it may be more complicated for people than it is for animals. Whatever the dynamics involved, of all magical practices, lucid dreaming and dream states where I have the opportunity to interact with my dog, my grandfather and other beloved deceased are some of my most cherished experiences.

While I do not get to see him very often, my friend Joe, who died in a car accident has made it a point, on three occasions to visit in some of the most vivid dreams I have ever had. The first time I saw Joe after he died, I came to my parents house in-law apartment where I sat on the couch.

Joe was siting on the coffee table directly across from me, smiling and eating a chocolate peanut butter cupcake which he placed to his side when I asked him:


Am I dead?

No, he said with a chuckle. But I am. I know, I answered. Why are you here, are you alright? Are you in heaven or hell (I was still a Christian at the time). Eh, it does not really work like that, was his response, said with a smile.

Is any of that stuff true, I asked? Yes it is, he replied… But it does not work the way most people think it does, he said with an even wider grin. Here let me explain.

Joe lead me over to the pellet stove in the in-law apartment where he had set up what looked like some kind of board game from the 1800’s which he explained was metaphor for what happens when you die.

I made a face suggesting frustration as it seemed like a rather complex game. Just listen to man, ok? I am going to show you this all works, he continued. Pointing at various pieces and portions of the game. However, as he began to speak, it sounded as if his voice was underwater. I struggled to hear and understand him.

Joe seemed to know this was happening, even expect it and he pointed at the board and mouthed the words “just look, try to pay attention, you will see”!

Shortly after that, I woke up…

A few days later I contacted Joe’s girlfriend and explained my dream, I then asked, did Joe happen to enjoy peanut butter cupcakes by any chance? She became a bit emotional and said yes, he loved them, we used to make chocolate peanut butter cupcakes with strawberries all the time, they were his favorite!

While I am frustrated I could hear what he was saying regarding the board game which was an explanation of the afterlife, that synch with the cupcakes was one of the most profound dream experiences I have ever had.

I have talked to Joe on two other occasions and they have been just as real, These experiences have given great peace when thinking about death, both in relation to other people that I love and my own death as well.

If you have any similar stories, I would very much so love to hear them and would ask that you share.