To begin this post, I would like to reiterate a message I posted in the strategic sorcery Facebook group:

So, for the first time in a while, I lost a big sale that I thought was a shoe in based on the fact I was the incumbent for ten years and I had done some work with BUNE and Jupiter that I thought for sure was going to work. I am finding Jupiter to be unresponsive as of late.

BUNE on the other hand, has been present in my dreams. Two nights ago, I had a dream I was in this kind of greenish grey etheric fog. I was flipping a paper BUNE sigil between my thumb and index fingers. There was no real conversation just an intense feeling of energy, but it was heavy, saturn like…

Last night, I dreamed I was in a kind of futuristic mall complex. There was a “spirit bar” as I would explain it. walking in there was nice black marble walls and a woman sitting behind a desk, there was a small three stool bar for libations to the left where clients and spirits would hang out and meet. to left of the desk there was a hole in the wall.

The way this place worked as it was explained, the “client” would put their head in the hole and look into a large room that was filled with cubicles all made of the same black marble stone. This was a kind of office space for the 72 goetic spirits. You would then simply call the desired spirit and it would come to you.

I called BUNE and he showed up as three Children maybe about the ages of 11 or 12. They appeared to be made out of clay ceramics, plastic and a kind of spiritual flesh (trying my best to describe this). Two were boys, one was blue and covered with black paisley designs, the other mostly black with a distorted face and a glowing orange eye, the girl was a light green with dark green paisley.

I remember trying to talk to BUNE but not really getting any information. At some point he just dissipated. I kept looking through the hole and various other goetic spirits would walk by, I would ask there names and some would make noises or say things that seemed like nonsense to me. One of them was female, tall made of white stone, skinny with long white hair, she came into the bar area and would shape shift to variations of her physical manifestation. At the bar, there was a guy who looked like a 1970’s salesman with short horns on his forehead, he was having a drink we spoke briefly.

Typing this I think it was perhaps Bob Legba who I have been working with a lot lately. Anyways, eventually the female spirit started to act a bit annoyed with my presence and we had a psychic back forth war of the minds. It was more of a push and pulling of insults which lead to me becoming lucid and the whole thing was bit to strange for me so I simply forced myself to wake up. Thoughts?

I had initially received some odd and unhelpful feedback from a few members of the SS course who chimed in to offer their take and felt no resonance with their thoughts. Rolling this stuff around in my head for the past couple days though, I noticed another member of the group, August Rider posted on the thread with a websites description of BUNE as follo :

“In demon form, the Demon Duchess Bune takes on the visage of a terrible three-headed dragon. It has been said that one head is human while the other two are beasts, which, depending on the summoner’s opinion, have been reported to look like the heads of dragons, dogs, or griffins. All early (circa 1500s) demonologists assumed that all demons were male, so it’s no surprise that Bune was described as having a surprisingly “high and comely voice” since she is, in fact, female. Like some of the other female demons, she appears in the traditional countenance of the women of ancient Egyptian nobility.

As with many of the named demons, Bune was one of the early settlers of ancient Egypt. She helped pharaohs and nobles acquire the wealth and wisdom they would need to build the first Egyptian society. Bune is elegant and sophisticated, and is thought to be largely responsible for creating the early standards of Egyptian culture including some of the ancient sacred burial rites. She can move the bodies of the dead in and out of graves and burial chambers, and her legions of spirits tend to gather at graveyards, tombs, and other burial sites.

Bune can make a prince out of a pauper, giving a person all that would be required of a high-society figure. She helps build wealth, sophistication, and even gives one a talent for looking and speaking elegantly with ease.

Those who would seek this Duchesses assistance should burn orange scented candles (the color orange with the scent of orange), and wear fine gold jewelry as Bune does herself.”

I found this information interesting, particularly the connection to Egypt as I was not familiar with it. One passage in particular however, really caught my attention in light of the description of my dream:

“In demon form, the Demon Duchess Bune takes on the visage of a terrible three-headed dragon. It has been said that one head is human while the other two are beasts”

The reason I find this so compelling is that I was previously unaware of this description of BUNE and a few nights prior to the dream mentioned above, I had a vision in a hypnagogic state of three crossed skeleton keys. The head of each key however was a dragon/monster type image, sans one, which was more human like.

Considering BUNE showed up in my dream as three children following a previous altered state of conscious with the vision of keys, I would say I have certainly got BUNE’s attention.

At this point, as we have done business in the past and BUNE has come through for me on a large scale sale for my muggle job, I assume the spirit is simply making it a point to get to know me better.

This is cool since according to Jason Miller, BUNE is essentially the pop star of goetic spirits and chances are, working with much greater magicians than me.

I will take this as a compliment.

I would now like to take a moment to discuss the notion that the goetic spirits are “demons”…

The other day, I reached out to the legendary Jake Stratton-Kent via facebook messenger to ask about some thoughts regarding the goetic spirits.  As always, Jake was very kind and took the time to reply.

Simply put, I asked Jake if he would in fact, agree with the idea that goetic spirits are in fact not “demons” in the Catholic/Protestant sense, but rather nature spirits or formerly pagan Gods (as has been suggested in many of my studies at one point or another).

Jake’s response was: nature spirits and pagan gods aren’t very far apart.

I took this both as a confirmation that the goetic spirits are not in fact (in the Christian sense) demons and also that due to the fact that they are pagan Gods and/or nature spirits, perhaps caution is even more necessary in dealing with them.

God(s) know, I overstepped my bounds with ELIGOS…

All that being said, as mentioned by Jake in the article linked above, the grimoires reputation as purely evil or dark, is unwarranted. That being said, to echo Gordon White’s sentiment (via paraphrase), the spirit realm while beautiful, is not always nice. I love sharks… But I am not going to try and pet one… I find a balance between the knowledge of both these master magicians to be a point of focus as I proceed on my own path.

My own excursions into a kind of quasi-shamanic approach to the spirit realm has indeed proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the spirit realm, while a bejeweled cosm of unending beauty, can, and at times will also be, a breeding ground for things ever more terrifying than the collective vision of humanity’s expectations of hell and the underworlds the world over.

I tend to view to the human experience as an ongoing metaphor for something much greater, in the same way that we as humans watch films and read books, then come to the same conclusion regarding the myths of the books and/or films.

All things considered, I will say this. I consider myself a servant or friend of the light. I do not fear the darkness nor am I willing to give myself over to it. To me, goetic evocation is a grand experiment in Jungian psychology and also a magicians testing ground on the spiritual level, one of which demands the magician to face themselves and know themselves fully.

Dealing with the spirit realm and meditating upon it’s lessons demands that the seeker weigh him or herself and be aware of all the good and all the bad within, embracing oneself fully and not attempting to sever ones own portions of light or darkness.

As we are essentially ghosts wearing meat suits, understanding that life does not end with death, we can not assume that all lessons are learned in one single incarnation.

Our  personal conceptions of good and evil are based entirely on our collective experiences through our life(s), how ever many we have had.

While I fully believe in the golden rule, loving others as you love yourself, I am not blind to the fact that this single “law” has a vast “open door policy” when it comes to applying it to your life.

Poke Runyan once called Jesus “the greatest hermetic magician who ever lived”. As someone who has also conversed with and controlled demons…

Who are we to disagree?

Indeed, Christ said thatI tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these”.

I bring this up not to suggest the value in or lack there of these words from the bible, but simply to defend my interest in and use of goetic technology to those who may be… Naysayers.

I am no fan of “the church” as it exists today, but I am rather fond of both exoteric and esoteric conversations with “Christ” as the concept relates to my personal journey (as well as those who are having similar personal journeys). In a gnostic sense, I am finding that the path of the magician (in my own experience) which at times and perhaps in my case, parallels that of the modern exoteric christian (as I once was one) are really not very different.

The main difference is, in my opinion, that the organized religion I was once part of, is in direct opposition to the freedom that is offered in the myth of Christ’s sacrifice as it is understood via spirit, rather than logic.


This is to say, that currently, I personally consider the work and path of the magician to be synonymous with that of the Gnostic Christian, even if that magician is working on the antithesis of what the so called “Christ Archetype” would want.

In a way, I tend to think this relates to Crowley’s idea of the true will and also the real meaning of true will, which in my opinion, based on my studies means:

Doing both the right and wrong, the good and evil that you have been given to do, by the creator. Which is interesting, because in my view, I have come to accept that great evils have happened and great evils will (for a time) continue to happen.

(IMO) such is the will of the creator (as far as I can tell). That being said, in my mind… In the end…

All will brought into the light as I personally feel, it is the will of love.