Dream Sorcery

Every magician eventually finds their bread and butter… In old school business speak, bread and butter refers to the main product or service of which your business sells best/most of. It is becoming apparent that as a magician, my bread and butter … Is the dream realm. While not speaking exclusively about lucidity, I haveContinue reading “Dream Sorcery”

Offerings At “The Ruins”

I will forgive those of you who are outside of the Phish fan base for not knowing about the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. “SPAC” as it is lovingly known, is a majestic and modern esoteric wonder in it’s own right. This place is at once a truly beautiful state park and also simultaneously a topContinue reading “Offerings At “The Ruins””

Another Kind of Wealth

June was a very disappointing month for me at my muggle job. I lost a large client of ten years as well as a $50,000 sale in addition to having a machine returned due to being a lemon… At first this all really worried me. After weeks of seemingly no response from Jupiter who hadContinue reading “Another Kind of Wealth”