June was a very disappointing month for me at my muggle job. I lost a large client of ten years as well as a $50,000 sale in addition to having a machine returned due to being a lemon…

At first this all really worried me. After weeks of seemingly no response from Jupiter who had been a workhorse for me up until that point and an egregore of which I had a great working relationship with things went stale.

I tired to make things work after stopping daily offerings for a while due to this sudden disconnect and then, after feeling bad about it, decided to give a larger offering and an apology for my actions as I felt I may have jumped the gun.

However, after some minor synchronicity and portents, I decided, at least for now, Jove and I were done. I drank the offerings, took down his altar at my desk at work and replaced his altar card to the deck.

Around this same time, I experienced a connection to Papa Legba via my workings with PJC’s syncretic spirit, Bob Legba. I had worked with Bob for about a year give or take a few months in my own magical experiments with the EPOCH deck. I found that by invoking Bob Legba and making small daily offerings, his effect in my life as a salesman was subtle, yet quick and profound.

Around the same time I was experiencing the disconnect with Jupiter, I had a visionary experience which initiated a deeper relationship or rather revealed a relationship with the loa, Papa Legba.

In the vision, I saw Bob Legba as he was in the EPOCH card. Eventually, I saw him transposed over the first image as an old white male. A few moments later, I saw transposed over that, an image of an old black man with a straw hat and pipe.

I received a message explaining the vision that simply confirmed what I had suspected would happen by working with this syncretic spirit…

Papa Legba made it clear that through the Bob Legba card (which as far as I can tell, is simply a proxy for working with Papa) that I had in fact, over time, began a relationship with Papa himself.

I can’t honestly say I expected anything different, I knew there was something about EPOCH’s Legba card when I first laid eyes on it. By the time this communication had occurred I was studying another westernized magicians approaches to working with the loa and it all became clearer and clearer as time when on that Papa and I were now becoming friends or at least acquaintances who really jived with each other.

Now, this is not say that working with Papa is all fun and games. He is a true trickster spirit, which IMO deserves some level of fear and/or respect. That being said, he is a trickster spirit who seems to truly love his people.

I got the distinct impression that the previously mentioned work failures above were not only part and parcel with leaving Jupiter, but also the first real inklings of Papa acting as a trickster/teacher in my life and placing challenges before me.

In retrospect, it was a huge wack in the back of the head with a cane that seemed to suggest the following message: “Now come on young man, you know this stuff aint all tulips and daisy’s, and you been a bit lax, if your gonna hang with Papa you gota be a bit more sharp”.

Point taken.

This transmission from the spirit piggy backed on some feedback I had received from Taylor Ellwood recently.

While many magicians today seem to focus on the grimoires as the final word on the “right” way to do evocation and invocation, and while I can appreciate and love the ceremony and regalia of a more traditional evocation, I have to admit…

I am not convinced all of that is entirely necessary…

Taylor’s approach to evocation, invocation and spirit work in general is far more laid back and for good reason I would think. In my own experience, goetic spirits do not react well to the triangle.

The way I currently evoke Bune is a combination of Jason Miller’s evocation from his book “The Sorcerers Secrets” and Taylor Ellwood’s more creative approach. What I like most about Taylor’s approach is that the seals he uses are hand made pieces of art depicting the spirits sigil. I find this creates a better bond between the magician and spirit of choice.

In that respect, I created my own artistic presentation of Bune’s seal which I now use in conjunction with the evocation from sorcerers secrets (See Below).


The next evolution in my personal approach to evocation will include the use of digital technology. When I make offerings to Bune, I bring up the seal above on my smart phone and rest the device on my altar, then make an offering of food, incense, candlelight, etc.

I have a beautiful amethyst obelisk which I intend to use in my next evocation as mentioned above, placing the stone on the screen, upon the seal in the center of the image and evoking as mentioned. Not so much to draw the spirit into the stone, but to invite it in, if it so wishes to make an appearance.

All of this comes out of wanting to have a better, less “business as usual” relationship to my spirits (which is how I was doing things for a while thanks to Jupiter’s influence). For the past few weeks, I have made it a point to make offerings to my spirits without asking for anything, to make an offering, simply to do it.

This kind of practice makes for the manifestation of another kind of wealth outside of the financial sense. It allows for a cultivation of friendship, it allows for the practice of magic in a spiritual sense to be done simply for the act of experiencing the magical path. It allows for time and communication between magician and spiritual allies which in turn…

Tends to result in traditional wealth…

Today I have scheduled meetings with two new potentially large contract clients. This comes on the heal of a lull in prospects and the loss of other customers so this is in a very real sense, a blessing.

Speaking to Papa and Bune in the past few days, I explained that after these challenges, I really needed a few wins…

Ask and you shall receive.