Dream Sorcery

Every magician eventually finds their bread and butter…

In old school business speak, bread and butter refers to the main product or service of which your business sells best/most of.

It is becoming apparent that as a magician, my bread and butter … Is the dream realm. While not speaking exclusively about lucidity, I have found a state of mind which I refer to as pre-lucidity which seems to be my strong point.

This is a state where you do not become fully lucid and take control of the dreams narrative. Rather, while becoming lucid,  you default to watching the dream unfold as it normally would had you not entered lucidity, while sustaining a partial lucid perspective so that you can log dream elements as if you were writing notes about a film while watching it.

After a while, you switch between lucid and non lucid states in the same way that you would alter a blue ray device with a remote control.

This is a common experience in my dreams of late which have catalyzed some rather interesting effects and artifacts.

You see, out of all the spirits of which I speak to, those whom I converse with the most would include: Creator (my personal conception of the all/god), the blessed dead (my ancestors and deceased loved family/friends), Papa Legba and Bune.

With respect to my recent magical life, much of it has felt dry. Daily rituals, offerings, thoughts, prayers, etc. happen day in and day out, with no “real world” syncs popping up…

Until recently.

While I have struggled with certain aspects of magic more than others (IE: meditation, discipline) I have also found that I was exceeding expectations in some. These elements would include dreaming and creative visualization.

I honestly feel that for what I lack in meditation, I am able to make up for in my dream life. Now, this may or may not have anything to do with my former propensity for psychedelic exploration and/or the fact I have native American blood in my veins.

I tend to think it is both…

But what I can say for certain, is that I have developed the ability to dream every night, if I so choose. As of late, my focus has been getting a magical education from my spirit contacts via petition, offerings and prayers which ask for said return on investment.

In particular I pray to/petition Creator, Legba and Bune.

While I ask for general blessings from creator every day and night, I have exclusively asked for assistance in dream states regarding magical wisdom and knowledge from Legba and Bune.

Starting around the time of this post, I was having odd, seemingly non-sensical dreams involving both spirits, as time has gone on, I have noticed some repeating patterns.

Papa Legba seems to be regularly talking/interacting with me via dreams or parts of dreams which involve Catholic themes of altar space and metaphor.

For example…

A couple weeks ago, I had a dream that I was walking around my high school when suddenly, I noticed a large room off the cafeteria hall. Entering the room I instantly became lucid.

The room looked a bit like a presentation room at a funeral home. There was “wall to wall” fine carpeting and wall paper with paisley. On each side of the room, there was a fire place with a large wooden mantel, each side of the room identical to the other.

Each of the mantels had upside down pint glasses filled with beer, the bottoms sealed with a metal lid. Each glass had an engraving of saint Nicholas  on it. In the center of the room was an altar featuring a golden cross, a small Christmas tree, a seasonal cake and platform.

On the platform sat a small creature, cross legged. It looked like a statue of a Buddha to some extent except the “statue” wore a mask very similar to that of “no face” from the film “spirited away”.

Upon further inspection, the statue became flesh and blood, removing the mask, a small marsupial like creature jumped onto me. I panicked and jumped and flung around until the tiny beast had been thrown across the room, then suddenly, there I was, dancing again, squirming and flailing about, making high pitched noises of subtle terror.

I am quite certain that this dream has something to do with asking Papa Legba to educate me in dreams about magic in light of the fact that he is a trickster spirit. Furthermore, I cannot deny the symbolism gathered from this post regarding another witches experiences with this particular Loa.

Since then, I have had several dreams of a very esoteric and metaphorical nature, both of which have been infused with Catholic imagery.

This does of course make sense considering Papa Legba’s role within syncretic African spiritual thought as it relates to certain Catholic saints.

In my latest dream with Papa, I was inside a Gothic Catholic Cathedral, a building that was truly a castle. In the uppermost room of the 4th tallest tower, I had a dream three times , about being in a room with two instruments, one an organ the other,  a piano.

In this dream, my playing upon both instruments summoned the confusion and surprise of the Bishop and Priest in charge of this astral venue. Behind these men who entered the room, not quite sure what to do, was a flock of older men and women in their sixties, devout Catholics who died sometime in the 1950’s to 1960’s.

All three dreams played out in the same fashion.

After playing the two keyed instruments (primarily 70’s funk riffs) a dumbfounded bishop and priest arrive followed by the legion of old, dead, catholic folks…

I run downstairs past the lot of them, but before I do, I grab a green orb from behind a curtain next to the exit by way of telekinesis, handing this to one of the temple patrons, I tell her, the bishop will not be happy when he finds you with this.

I then slide down the rails of the spiral staircase to the first floor, cut my way through the cloth guarding the the front door and finding myself in the presence of a great hill/mountain of dirt, decide to fly over the object.

While transcending this monolith, I notice it is divided into red and black portions with white symbols on each section. The symbols are either simple with circles, x’s, or other shapes, or resemble Papa’s Veve, none which replicate it fully from what I can gather.

Once reaching the top of the monolith, I hide behind the summit and look at the temple from which I have just escaped.

I now have found myself on the grounds of a festival and for the first time in my life, I do an evocation of a goetic spirit (BUNE) while dreaming…

And that my friends will have to wait until the next post as I am still processing the event.

Hoping you are all well, thank you for reading!

2 thoughts on “Dream Sorcery

  1. Holy crap these accounts are terribly relatable. Have you ever experienced what I call “onion layer dreaming” its kind of a repeated thing where you wake up from that state still lucid and go about your day only for something unreal to happen, which then shocks you “awake” only to later on have the same happen over and over. This happens to me when I achieve gnosis (not just lucid dreaming) in dreams almost every time. Ive also have obtained totem ritual weapons in that realm and held on to them. Aswell as making contact with group egrigores and powerful archetypes. Honestly scared me shitless and I take precautions to avoid dreaming now. Either way great read. About to go to sleep so sorry if this comment reads as unintelligible.

  2. LAM, yes I am familiar with what you call “onion layer dreaming” and some of the other phenomena you describe. I do hope you you can get back to dreaming without fear though. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

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