I have to assume some of you are wondering what I have been doing as of late. Trust me, no one is more surprised at the success of my “interview series” than I. It started with a phone call to Cat Vincent which lead to the first of the series.

I figured, well, Cat was kind enough to do an interview, perhaps I will bother another magician that I admire…

Much to my surprise and joy, this lead to a series of interviews of which every single person I have asked to do an interview with, has said yes

This is great not only in consideration of some of the monumental names I have connected with, but also because I was taking a bit of a break from magic for a couple weeks.

The past couple months prior to the interview with Cat saw me working with various spirits but in particular, Papa Legba.

Starting with the altar card of Bob Legba from the EPOCH deck, this relationship arose from the proxy that is “Bob Legba”. I make no bones about it and I will certainly reiterate, Bob Legaba is a conduit, which if worked with, will lead to a relationship with the loa, Papa Legba. There is some serious mojo in that veve…

Papa is a joy to work with, but is a trickster spirit first and foremost. The first thing he did was throw a gear into my financial success at work while simultaneously fulfilling exactly what I asked of him from the first offering.

Shortly after said offering, he popped up in a dream at the “spirit bar” mentioned in this post. So, he hangs out with goetic spirits, that should tell you something.

After a couple of months the shenanigans became too much. Papa demands work, respect and love that often times, counteract the gifts he gives or greatly complicates the instance of said gifts manifestation.

After a couple months, I removed him entirely from my altar, in fact I ceased all spirit work other than with my ancestors and have yet to add any back.

I am currently waiting on results from two Bune evocations but with Bune, I have patience because in the past, while Bune takes time, the ROI us usually substantial.

After listening to the podcast with Hadean Press on Runesoup, I certainly felt that the break I am taking from most spirit work is needed. I have learned that being a magician does not mean running around and doing evocations of multiple spirits all day, all the time. Good lord, that is exhausting!

Furthermore, magic is certainly not always necessary and it would do everyone well to realize sometimes, the mundane approach to the end goal is the correct approach.

You do not need a goetic spirit or a loa washing your dishes…

Furthermore, I have to say, the single best magical tech in my arsenal today as far as intensity of effect and low cost of operation remains, Sparian sigils. You really do not need anything more to accomplish most of your goals.

Spirit work is for adventurous magic (which certainly has it’s time and place) however, if you need your lawn cut, I recommend using a $20 bill to summon an entrepreneurial neighborhood kid rather than say, Eligos…