I have not done any magic for about two weeks now.

I removed all altar cards, sigils and related items pertaining to spirits, stopped making offerings and basically hit the reset button on my entire practice.


Well, I wanted to see what would happen…

I also felt like it was time to clean the slate, rely on mundane or non-magical tech for accomplishing goals and consider what I have learned as a magician and what the next phase should be.

During this time I have pondered the essence of magic and its effect deeply and I have come to the conclusion that the psychological model is (mostly) correct.

When I say the psychological model, I am specifically talking about Lon Milo DuQuette‘s perspective on the matter.

To quote the man properly:

“It’s All in Your Head … You Just Have No Idea How Big Your Head Is”.

Now, before you spirit model adherents start throwing stones, let me make something perfectly clear.

I believe in the spirit realm. I know that spirits (angels, demons or whatever you want to call them) exist.

It is my personal belief via my own experiences that while the spirits are real and not figments of our imagination, it is through our minds, through our imagination that spirits manifest whether on their own accord or through evocation/invocation.

This is why there are no you-tube videos of goetic demons…

Are they real? Yes, however…

If a person was to stumble on a group of magicians in the woods conjuring a demon or angel or a spirit of some type, chances are, while the magicians may every well see the entity, the non-magician watching from the bushes will only see a group of magi chanting, moving their arms and speaking strange words.

The reason for this?

The magi are in an altered state of consciousness and through ritual are evoking the spirit. It is through the psyche, the mind and/or the imagination that the spirit shows up. Our mind is the spaceport.

Case in point: the experiments at montauk, MKULTRA and MKOFTEN. The USA government did not spend copious amounts of time and money torturing children with electric shock therapy and ridiculously high doses of LSD for no reason… They were after something. Something dark, something made of spirit and they were looking for it in the recesses of the human mind…

Here is a hypothetical situation to illustrate my perspective:

If you take an avid atheist, sit him down and have him do an evocation of a goetic demon in stone cold sobriety, chances are, he will likely leave the room laughing at your for being a complete moron.

Take the same person, take him out for a bit of whiskey followed by some good (hopefully legal) psychedelics and bring him out to the woods for a midnight evocation of the same spirit…

Chances are, this time,  he won’t walk away laughing… Not due to doubt anyway.

I have only ever once had a full on manifestation of a spirit both visually and audibly and it was during this event.

Now, after that kind of experience, you would probably think the last thing I would want to do is work with goetic spirits or even an angel having a bad day and yet, I have freely evoked both kinds of spirits since said event.

The main difference being that I have always done them sober or with a bit alchohol or a toke of herb. No truly mind bending substances what so ever.

During all evocations (sans one in a dream state) it would appear to on-lookers that nothing happened and while I achieved getting what I asked for, perhaps I was just attributing success to the working when in fact, it had nothing to do with it.

The thing is, spirits take notice when you make it a point to contact them, even when it does not feel like it.

Most magicians and even catholic exorcists will agree, all you really need to contact and commune with a spirit is its seal and it’s name. Knowing what to do if it actually shows up is an entirely different matter.

Now, just because it does not show up in full three dimensional glory, slam you against the wall and smack you around a bit, does not mean that the spirit is not present. I really do not understand magicians who are constantly looking to experience this kind of event.

Trust me, most magicians of any skill level know that seeking a full visual manifestation is not only a waste of time, but also not something to ardently wish for. If you get that much attention from a spirit, you better know how to get rid of it because chances are, it won’t be happy…

And so, with all saints day and the day of the dead approaching, I am pondering the redesign of my altar, the welcoming of Hecate to the fold, the return of burning candles and incense given to my allies Bune, Papa Legba and my dead friends and family.

As the leaves fall and the air opens to winds of winter, so it is with my mind in relation to my spirits.

I am happily exploring, finding out just how big my head is…