Well, after a few weeks of little to no magic practiced, I charged a couple of shoals.

BOOM. Results…

Sometimes simplicity is IT. (Taylor Ellwood, thank you).

Sigils are still the most potent, fast acting and dare I say, useful magic out there in my opinion.

Aside from that, I have done a few small offerings in graveyards to introduce myself and also to my blessed dead (family and friends who are no longer here) and spirit allies. But I have stopped doing daily offerings.


Well, for one thing, I took a damn good look at my magical practice and realized I was doing so. much. shit. Everyday

I realized I had turned magic, something I loved, into a chore. I once did this with music and that lead to a string of events that ended with a whole slew of problems, the worst of which, was almost walking away from music entirely.

So, I simply stopped. I removed a good amount of materia from my alter including altar cards of spirits, various magical items and etc.

I simply stopped everything.

For a couple weeks, I did NO magic.

And my god(s), it is one of the best things I have done for my practice. I have been able to step back and just appreciate life, the magic I have done up to this point and also engage in simple mundane activities that in retrospect are not only much easier, but more effective than a lot of magical operations.

Now please, don’t get me wrong. I am not quitting. No, not at all. I reiterate, this was a lesson from music(k) I was applying to magic(k).

After the first couple of weeks, I started to do the occasional offering, meditation and magical operation based on my observations from taking a sudden and IMO, necessary break.

Today, I landed a sale from a shoal I did about a week ago and that is not the only win I have noticed, there are others which I can see that have happened and others that are in the process of manifesting.

Having made such a sudden stop and taking the time to simply live, to simply be, I have realized that doing too much magic all the time

1.) Blinds you to the process of certain things already in action and

2.) Makes you a slave to processes which may be unnecessary…

Let’s start with offerings, shall we?

Think about the spirits you interact with most, that is to say, the living

You remember the living right? The others who walk around in meat suits just like you?

Do you make offerings to them everyday? Candles, incense, cheeseburgers? I didn’t think so. Now, I can hear some of you saying, but spirits are different, they don’t work the same way that we do! Oh really? OK, well when you have master magicians such as Rufus Opus and Brother Moloch discussing the potentially excessive (and in retrospect, perhaps acceptable) offerings of McDonald’s value meals to goetic spirits, I am going to call bullshit on the former expression of contempt…

Based on my experience, initially larger or significant offerings to a new spirit, saint, etc. and daily offerings for “X” amount of time certainly make sense and in some cases, are necessary. But to suggest that this activity is necessary day in and day out, everyday for months, years, decades… NO. < In this last scenario, tell me…

Does that look like a healthy relationship?

I would say that either a spirit(s) has made you it’s bitch OR you are simply working with spirits who have no issue with you acting like an infatuated youth…

I have absolutely NO push-back from my spirit crew for the break. In fact, when I decide to call up “one of my boys” like papa legba, I find that not only are they not pissed off or slighted, but in fact, even they seem to be under the impression, I was going a bit overkill with the whole traditional way of doing things.

I dunno about you, but I find magicians who can not go several weeks with out enchanting something to be under control of something other than themselves. For all of the gall, piss and vinegar that some practitioners sport, I can not help but think, if you really need to be doing all this shit all the time, are you really in control of your own sphere at all? Are you conjuring spirits or are they conjuring you? < Now, neither of these are inherently wrong, I get “phone calls” from the other-side as much as anyone, but as it is in “real life” I don’t always pick up the phone, even if it is a friend or family, because quite frankly…

Sometimes I just don’t feel like talking and spirits, like humans, can and will get over it.

I guess the point that I am really trying to make is this, if you want to be a great magician, start thinking like one. People like Gordon White and Lon Milo broke me out of my preconceived notions of “how it all works” despite the fact that I dedicated years to the study of traditional approaches and understanding in light of what they had to say and how they did things…

I am just getting to a point where I am realizing what I have achieved in relation to the great work, and have come to the realization that (just as it is in music) while an understanding of theory and fundamentals are probably the best way to become a master… People like Mr.Spare and Eris, could give a fuck less about your path as they are carving their own.

Do a littler research about how many musicians have done great things with little to NO knowledge on the fundamentals OR theory and you may want to reconsider things yourself.

In closing I will say this, my Jazz teacher from college gave me one of the best bits of advice I have ever received.

“Learn all the fundamentals, the theory, the scales, the chords, the tough shit, the bullshit, and then… Forget all of it! Just forget it and go out and play.” – Bob Ferrier.

Hail Chaos, Hail Jove, Hail whoever the fuck that makes sense to you.