A Labyrinth of Dreams: Excerpt

I am very pleased to present an excerpt from my upcoming fantasy novel “A  Labyrinth of Dreams” which will be self published and made available on line from various book sellers sometime in the first or second quarter second of 2017. The book is at once a work of fiction and at times, a memoriamContinue reading “A Labyrinth of Dreams: Excerpt”

Real Magic(k) at Faux Hogwarts

The picture you see above is the outside of the American location of Gringot’s Ban… Err, I mean Higgins Armory in Worcester, MA. USA. In it’s heyday, this modern monolith which rests on the eastern outskirts of the city was an educational museum displaying coats of arms, armor and other references to historical warfare fromContinue reading “Real Magic(k) at Faux Hogwarts”

Dispatches From The Muggle Blog: The Power of The Egregore.

There is some really great content that I have written over the years at my muggle blog. I will be posting some of these here as the content is relevant. First off… What is an egregore? Wikipedia has this to say about the subject… “Egregore (also egregor) is an occult concept representing a “thoughtform” orContinue reading “Dispatches From The Muggle Blog: The Power of The Egregore.”

Hoodoo? I think I am…

First and foremost, I am a chaos magician. That being said, slowly, over time, since starting a serious, daily magical practice about four years ago (predated by about a decade of study and a fair bit of improvisational shamanism) I have to admit… My practice is really starting to look and feel a lot likeContinue reading “Hoodoo? I think I am…”