For what it is worth, I was never much interested in UFOs until this post.

Moving along now…

My dreams are the center of my spirituality and magical practice. Whether lucid or not, my dreamscapes are vast. Worlds within a universe of my own subconscious creation. It is in dreams I receive confirmation and conversations with spirits, ancestors and other ethereal entities. It is in dreams I cull the most visceral divinations, enchantments and evocations or invocations.

One of the more peculiar elements of my dreams started about five years ago. I began to have a specific kind of dream in which I would take notice of an aircraft. Something simple like a biplane or a passenger jet.

The strange thing is, when I see a plane in a dream, it now sets off a chain reaction where multiple aircraft manifest, suddenly. It almost always starts by noticing a single plane as mentioned above, followed by the manifestation of multiple and sometimes many additional aircraft.

The subsequent aircraft are usually military, deep state technology, or highly advanced aircraft of which the likes I have never seen in waking life. They tend to move in ways which defy physics, sometimes moving at light speed, other times standing perfectly still hovering in space.

Eventually, they become aware of my presence and usually become hostile, attempting to obtain me, launch projectiles towards me (usually some kind of energy blast rather than say, a missile) or push me off/out of a current physical location.

After this became a regular event in my dreams (probably happens about 4-6 times per month) I started to think that perhaps this phenomena I was experiencing was in fact, some kind of UFO experience.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that real UFO experiences only happen in inner-space. No, I have seen things in the sky during my childhood that are similar to these dreams. What I am suggesting is that these inner-space craft manifestations are perhaps, more authentic interactions with UFOs.

The most unsettling of these dreams so far occurred about three days ago…

In the dream, I was at the top of a mountain which overlooked a small city. I was far ahead of the others on what appeared to be a group hiking expedition meant for exercise for the most part.

Looking up, there was a clearing among the tree line where I could see a large patch of open blue sky. As per usual, a rather mundane looking passenger jet flew over head. Shortly there after, I saw what I would describe as an advanced weather recording aircraft perform some rather extraordinary physic-bending maneuvers.

Within a moment of this aircraft passing, a fighter jet flew overhead, and pulled up sharply, going almost completely vertical and then staling, the craft fell towards the earth.

The plane came crashing down through the trees directly towards me. Terrified, I knelt down and covered my head as the mechanical beast hit the earth hard and tumbled, flipping over me just grazing my clenched hands. I could feel the heat of the hot steel as it came to rest in a twisted heap of metal.

Standing up, the scene described above, happened over and over again as if someone had hit pause, rewind and play in unison several times. Each time the event playing out basically the same way.

After the last replay, as I walked over to the wreck, the plane turned into a a young man who was in his mid to late twenties. He had orange hair and a blonde goatee that was partially dyed green.

For some reason, I was absolutely sure this was an angel or a demon. I was rather afraid of this creature but felt the need to speak to it.

I asked him, are you Raphael? No, he answered. Are you Michael, I asked? No, no, he is much further up the echelon, I work for him, but I am no where near his status, he explained. What is your name, I asked? At this point he seemed annoyed and said something to the effect of; it does not matter, what matters is that you are aware of my presence. I was sent here to make myself known to you, he explained.

I can’t remember his exact words but he went to say something to the effect that his appearance was a kind of warning, a sign that I need to be cautious about something.

At this point, I was still in awe however, I felt irritated and annoyed as well. Well if you are not going to give me your name, then I am going to call you Michael, I said in a bold tone. At this statement the entity kind of rolled his eyes and mumbled something like, whatever, my job here is finished.

Just then, the rest of the hiking group showed up. My wife was present and I went off to tell her what had just happened. There was a sense of urgency and fear and I wanted to get going back down the mountain as I attempted explainwhat happened, but she kept dropping a device that looked like a ruler of sorts and stalled our decent.

Eventually we started making our way down the mountain but not before we drank several glasses of water from a container that had been left at a trail marker.

I woke up shortly after that.

Not entirely sure what it all means, but you can be sure, I’ll be keeping an eye out for “Michael” on the astral plane.