Below you will find a selection of magical pro-tips and know-how of which I have culled from various sources.

1. Need Produces Potency

As of late, I have been considering experiences rendered by various magicians regarding the Goetia. Below is a conversation I recently had with Jake Stratton Kent that provides some insight into the power of need and the intensity of emotion:

ME: I find it interesting that Goetia is connected to lamenting or wailing. In the first  rune soup podcast with Connor Habib, Connor mentions that during his youth,  he collected and memorized dungeons and dragons manuals and character names/traits. I found that sometimes those books use names straight out of grimoires.

He went on to explain that when he was seven and he found out his parents were divorcing, he ran into the backyard and screamed the name of one of these D&D characters. Subsequently, he heard a loud growl like that of a lion directly behind him which terrified him, sending him running off into the house. Is it fair to think something so simple can catch the attention of a goetic demon?

 JSK: The exception rather than the rule I’d say. But the ‘Magic of Need’ is potent stuff.
 ME: Right, I assume that Connor in his anger and sadness produced a mild enough altered state to manifest an atypical result?
 JSK: he had Need, that’s a very specific state, and potent.

2. The Orisha’s Love Chinese Food.

As someone who is focusing much of his magical practice on hoodoo as of late, I found this tasty little tidbit of wisdom from Gordon’s interview with Khi Armand to be of interest.

I have been working with Papa Legba for sometime now and I will say this. If your just starting out with this spirit, heeding Khi’s advice would be a great way to get things off to a great start.

They do indeed seem to love Chinese food…

3. You Can Cheat The Seine River Spell

This super simple and effective spell is from Gordon White’s Pieces of Eight.

From the book:

“Step one is to find a south-to-north flowing river… or a north-to-south in the southern hemisphere. Step two is to whisper your wish to a coin and throw it in. For drama, I favor old numismatics like Half-Crowns or Victorian farthings, which are easily acquired in bulk on auction websites.”

There was no north-to-south flowing rivers near by at the time, so I experimented a bit. I tried this in a lake asking for $1,000. Nothing happened. I tried this again with a west flowing river and within a day or so found a check for $365.00

Case in point: the spell works in non north-to-south flowing rivers, but the powers that be will take a cut for not following instructions to a tee.

Whisper wisely…

4. Multiple Shoals of The Same SOI with Different Sigils Works Wonders!

For a long time if I shoaled a set of sigils and my desire did not manifest, I would not try again. Sometimes there would be months between one shoal and the next. When I would shoal again, I would avoid using the same statement of intent from a previous shoal.

I have found this to be an error…

Last week, I did a shoal everyday for three days in a row and used the same statements of intent for each sigil, each day. As I use this sigil generator, I can use exactly the same statement of intent again and again, but get a different sigil every time.

Also, this application allows me to shoal about four to five sigils in less than ten minutes. In moving through a shoal so quickly, by the time I have finished, I have completely confused or forgotten which sigil was connected to which desire which instantly kills lust of result.

Furthermore, I found that shoaling the same SOI for three days in a row with a different set of sigils each time made it possible to really grab the law of attraction by the nuts and force it to manifest my desires quicker than usual.

Next week, I plan to do the same experiment everyday for at least five days consecutively…

NOTE: Also, while Gordon White has suggested not to destroy your sigils, I have found that for me personally, destroying them expedites the manifestation of the desire.

5. You Can Automate Offerings

For a long time, I was against using electric candles for rituals or offerings because I felt that they bastardized or cheapened the process of either. After erecting an altar on my desk, in my cubicle, at my muggle job however, I found this to be false.

Burning real candles is a “no-no” in my office, so I was forced to use the electric alternatives. While I cannot speak for all spirits, servitors or egregores, I will say that in my personal experience both Papa Legba and The Fortunate from Tommie Kelly’s The Forty Servants were both more than happy with the battery operated alternatives.

The candles I use have timers which have enabled me to automate my offerings to each of these entities. This saves me time and guarantees the spirits are fed on the regular.