A Sacrifice For Saint Anne

If you told my fifteen year old self that someday he would be making a painful offering to a Catholic Saint by his own choice, he would have told you to fuck off… Of course, he would have told you the same thing if you were to suggest he would be a practicing occultist andContinue reading “A Sacrifice For Saint Anne”

An Interview With Jeff Wolfe

Below you will find an interview with writer, magician and blogger Jeff Wolfe. I connected with Jeff via Chis Knowles “The Secret Sun” blog facebook page. After reading some of his posts, I just knew I had to reach out to him. Jeff’s blog Secret Transmissions is a phenomenal project detailing his experiences and insightsContinue reading “An Interview With Jeff Wolfe”

An Interview With Bill Nemo Trumpler

Below you will find an interview with deep thinker, gentleman and magician Bill Nemo Trumpler. I first connected with Bill via Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery Course. After friending him on Facebook, I found that I very much enjoyed all of his posts and perspectives. He is at once kind, considerate and well spoken. His intelligenceContinue reading “An Interview With Bill Nemo Trumpler”