Doc Solomon’s Spell Kits: A Review

About two weeks ago I set off one of Doc Solomon’s Mercury spell kits. While with any such product your mileage may vary, I can personally say that so far this kit has been straight fire in regards to results. Each Kit comes with everything you need to perform a powerful spell for any purpose.Continue reading “Doc Solomon’s Spell Kits: A Review”

Sailing The Subconscious Sea

This past Saturday morning after rising for a drink of water, returning to bed and falling back to sleep, I had a beautiful dream about a Journey upon a river near the ocean with my wife. What started as a dream that seemed normal enough blossomed into a lucid excursion and a boat trip whichContinue reading “Sailing The Subconscious Sea”

Magic for Muggles: A Crash Course in Magic(k)

So you want to be a magician, eh? And you have stumbled onto the occult blogosphere hoping to find a simple explanation on how to do so only to become hopelessly lost in meandering blog posts, podcasts and suggestions revolving around books that would make a proper paperweight for abiyoyo? Well, I don’t claim toContinue reading “Magic for Muggles: A Crash Course in Magic(k)”

A Labyrinth of Dreams: Reader Rewards

SO… I have published my second book and FIRST fantasy novel which you can purchase here. Synopsis: Julian Crane is eighteen years old, a noted deviant with no regard for the rules and a penchant for trouble. After the murder of his grandfather, he leaves his Christian faith opting for the study of occultism andContinue reading “A Labyrinth of Dreams: Reader Rewards”

Befriending Your Nightmares

Artwork by “Jim’ll Paint It” From the artist who painted the above piece: “An Alien, a Predator & a Terminator pouring out their 40s at Bill Paxton’s grave – as requested by Patton Oswalt and sent to me by a fair few of our mutual Twitter followers” I came across this tribute to actor BillContinue reading “Befriending Your Nightmares”