I have published my second book and FIRST fantasy novel which you can purchase here.


Julian Crane is eighteen years old, a noted deviant with no regard for the rules and a penchant for trouble. After the murder of his grandfather, he leaves his Christian faith opting for the study of occultism and the magical arts.

Through experimentation, Julian discovers that through the altered states of lucid dreaming, one can visit the mysterious realm of the seven dream worlds. Upon discovering that both the soul of the dreamer and those of the dead can travel to these mysterious places, Julian reconnects with a beloved deceased friend only to find out that he must face a great evil.

Meanwhile in waking life, Julian finds that he is being hunted by an unknown enemy. With the help of his lover Mary Rivers and his comrades the Melanson brothers, Julian goes on a mutual quest of magic and dreams in search of meaning in a world that has left him disillusioned and emotionally broken.

Through adventures in both waking life and the realm of dreams, Julian will discover the secrets of life, death and spirituality while simultaneously learning the true nature of the creator of the universe and his place within it.

NOTE: While I have meticulously edited this book three times with the help of editing software as hiring a professional editor was ridiculously expensive, there is the occasional minor typo. If you buy my book, please feel free to send me errors. I can easily remedy these and upload the changed document.

I am offering a “reader rewards” 50% off coupon code for readers of my blog: KN84H

I am really hoping to create a community of fans around the book and welcome readers to submit edits and feedback as mentioned above.

This book was a labor of love and I do very much hope all who read it enjoy it.