About two weeks ago I set off one of Doc Solomon’s Mercury spell kits. While with any such product your mileage may vary, I can personally say that so far this kit has been straight fire in regards to results.


Each Kit comes with everything you need to perform a powerful spell for any purpose. Draw fortune, luck, love, money, and more to you, or send negative things away. Your Planetary Spell Kit includes:

– 1 Planetary Talisman
– 1 Colored Candle
– 1/2 oz Planetary Incense
– 1 oz Herbal Holy Water
– 1 dram bottle of Planetary Oil
– 1/8 oz Planetary Powder
– Complete Spell Instructions

Every item in the Kit has been consecrated, blessed, or charged just as if they were being sold individually. That means everything is already powered and ready to go – you only need to set it up and cast the spell!

Initiated Gnostic priest, solomonic magick expert and occult other Aaron Leitch is the proprietor of Doc Solomon’s Occult Curios. He personally creates and consecrates every item in these kits at the appropriate planetary hours, days and times. You can tell that he has poured years of experience, time and love into these products.

While I did not start practicing magic until after about a decade of reading and research, I am after the fact, a man of convenience. I know where to get the books and resources to complete the consecrations of the items in this kit and potentially make everything you see here myself but that being said… I have no interest in investing the time and effort when a magus who is as adept, kind hearted and able as Aaron has offered such a potent product for such a fair price.

Here is a description of what the Mercury kit can potentially be used for from the Doc Solomon website.

Mercury: Messenger of the Gods. Wisdom, Invention, Language, Communication, Logic, Science, Magick, Intelligence, Speed, Agility, Skill, Dexterity, Cleverness, Speech, Music (especially writing it), Math, Astronomy, Cunning, Perception, Reason, Memory, Speaking, Writing, Ceremony, Words of Power, Divination, Travel, Transportation, Education and Research, Thieves, Business. Similar to Air. Rules Gemini and Virgo.

In the past two weeks I have had several large sales opportunities pop out of the woodwork and I landed one of these deals already which was a very significant financial win for a large order of hardware closed unusually fast.

Sold two of these in record time and they don’t come cheap…

Musically I had an absolutely wonderful show with three friends of mine who are national touring musicians and by serendipity and networking got to invite a guest on stage who is also a masterful musician and national touring artist whom I highly admire as well.

These are but the first fruits of the working that have already come to pass. There are other similar events that have yet to occur but that are in the process of happening.

I give this kit five stars and highly recommend them to any magician who values potent magical technology that saves you a ton of time while also producing amazing results.