Last night I had a lucid dream. In the dream I was window shopping in a lovely indoor marketplace in a town that resembled a village in Vermont. It was the middle of winter, January perhaps. Outside it was cold, everything covered in about six inches of fresh snow while more flakes fell as time passed.

Inside the market, everything had a very festive feeling. It was as if all the shops were selling Christmas themed goods, but upon closer inspection it was far more along the lines of the pagan offerings of Yule.

I specifically remember inspecting a rather large hand carved wand that might as well have doubled as a cane if not for it’s width…

It was warm inside, there were many people, all very jolly. Each of them dressed in vibrant and colorful clothing, my self included.

There was a candy shop, a toy store and vendor selling wreathes and carvings, idols, wands, canes, and various items related to a rather saturnalia kind of vibration.

Outside there was a beautiful view of a far off mountain of extreme height, very far in the distance. It appeared so tall that it may have left the atmosphere of the earth although, its cold blue ridges and the lower portions of snow capped peaks could be seen resting below the clouds.

And it is here I became lucid.

Stepping outside for a breath of fresh air, I find myself feeling a bit tired. I see a large wooden bench in the stone courtyard outside of the indoor marketplace which I have just exited. As I am now wearing two layers of long pants, a t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt, a sweater and a jacket, I decide to lay down on the snow covered bench, removing my jacket and using it as a pillow.

Upon doing so, I put my hands behind my head and look up into the sky, resting with a sense of pure contentment. I see that that the clouds are moving with the wind, breaking into large clumps of white fluff while exposing large portions of a blue sky of which you can longer see in waking life here on earth…

As this happens I can see and sense sunlight off in the distance beyond the edge of the roof which hangs near and above my head. I stare into the sky watching the big, white, fluffy clouds passing over the deep, true, blue sky and something peculiar begins to happen.

I see about a dozen or so small white orbs floating high in the sky but below the clouds. they appear as white dots and slowly descend until they are perhaps several hundred feet above me. They move in an abstract but calculated maneuver as if they were orbs of gel suspended in water (remember that drink “orbits”? Very much like that).

This is where lucidity fully blossoms and I know I am in the dream realms. I watch these orbs for a while before they slowly become self organized into a platonic solid type of geometric form, connected by thin white lines of the same substance.

I watch this form gently rotate in various directions as if an unseen hand is pushing it occasionally from various points.

Suddenly the geometric form disappears but the orbs remain. They slowly fall towards me. I stand up and watch them as they do. When one of them is close enough to me, I reach out my palm and hold it open as if grasping a falling bubble.

The orb hovers just above my palm, but I know that it is invisibly connected to my hand. Bringing it closer to my face, I inspect the object which at first glance, resembles a perfect ball of ice. After a moment, it transforms into what I perceived to be a replica of an unknown planet. It’s swirls with gold, black, grey and white gasses of which appeared to be holding a vibrant and intense golden light underneath.

I inspect the beautiful and absurdly detailed object for a while and then throw it against the brick wall of the building next to me. Just before impact, it turns back into a ball of ice and disintegrates.

I wake up…

Latter in the same day, Christopher Knowles (of The Secret Sun blog) posts a video that looks strangely and synchronisticly similar to the experience in my lucid dream (as seen below).


This is certainly not the first time I have seen a video capturing this phenomenon, but it is most certainly the first time one happens to pop up on the back of such a dream…