The magician’s Workshop by Haizy

Over the past several months, I have been going through a process of re-evaluating my spiritual, magical and creative processes. This is something that all magicians, artists and /or mystical people do from time to time.

My life is ripe with the minor manifestations of the paranormal, the presence of angels and/or demons and spirits of various types. I am myself, a magician and still… There are obviously (IMO) various forms of phenomena of which are not really present and/or part of this entire spectrum.

What I mean to say is that I personally view the entirety of human experience from birth to death (and I mean that in relation to the individual as well as the race as a a whole) as a kind of litmus test for “true reality”.

What do I mean, you ask?

Well, let’s face it, between the ideologies of occultism, religions, agnostics, mystics and the myriad expressions of human spirituality that currently exist and will exist in the future…

I just tend to think that there are ideas/things/concepts and or etc, of which, command a certain respect in the sense that there are (for lack of a better term) differences in each persons process of digesting these human dynamics .

Why is this important? Well, for one thing, we are talking about the limits of or lack there of, a singular human beings ability to effect change on the collective of humanity as a whole, all the while realizing that every drop in the pond produces in the lake, a wave…

I left Christianity because ultimately, I found via personal experience that it was complete and utter bullshit. This was primarily confirmed with my experiences in speaking to a friend via a lucid dream shortly after his death in conjunction with experiments in magical practice. Furthermore, simply thinking about everything I had bought as absolute truth from the Church from birth to the day I left the religion just seemed completely absurd to me in retrospect.

That being said, I can not help but respect my parents, friends and family who cling to Christianity or faith in another religion. Not only because I can understand that they are perhaps choosing to stay in an invisible psychological prison of which they cannot see, but also because by paradigm shifting my way out of Christianity to occultism via the techniques of chaos magic, I know that there are some ideas and technologies present in the Christian belief system that can be very empowering and comforting through out the human experience.

Looking back on the words and insights of Thomas Jefferson in regards to his belief that the bible was primarily a dung heap of which the seeker must dig through to extract the diamonds of wisdom and truth really gets to the heart of what I think human experience is all about.

Every human religion, every magical system, every scientific assumption, every perception is to some extent…. wrong. As we watch time change all of the dynamics above, we realize that we always only have part of the whole picture and as time moves on, that picture itself changes.

Human existence it seems is in and of itself some kind of discussion with the higher intelligences, what ever they may be.

Trying to cultivate respect for even those dynamics which are diametrically opposed to your own for the sake of love is a precarious and extremely hard thing to accomplish, but it is none the less, one of the missions I have adopted as I continue to study and work as a magician in this world.

Magic is all about creating change and for me, that change needs to include myself because I do not seek magic to become king of the world, but hopefully to play a small part in transforming it for the good and service of humanity, the planet and the cosmos of which we shall surely explore outwardly as we have done inwardly.

Granted, we can’t always play nice when there are people who simply wish to invoke greed, cast those they deem lesser than themselves to the side and intentionally destroy the happiness, health and comfort of others.

This is why there are curses and hexes, but even those things can be done for righteous reasons.

In closing I would simply say that there is much to do, much to learn and much to change. If as individuals we can focus all three of those intentions in love, then we can accomplish our goals in a way that shall result in the manifestations of our desires that mutually benefits humanity, the earth and the vast reaches of the cosmos as a whole.