Magic for Muggles: A Crash Course in Magic(k)

So you want to be a magician, eh? And you have stumbled onto the occult blogosphere hoping to find a simple explanation on how to do so only to become hopelessly lost in meandering blog posts, podcasts and suggestions revolving around books that would make a proper paperweight for abiyoyo? Well, I don’t claim toContinue reading “Magic for Muggles: A Crash Course in Magic(k)”

An Interview With Jeff Wolfe

Below you will find an interview with writer, magician and blogger Jeff Wolfe. I connected with Jeff via Chis Knowles “The Secret Sun” blog facebook page. After reading some of his posts, I just knew I had to reach out to him. Jeff’s blog Secret Transmissions is a phenomenal project detailing his experiences and insightsContinue reading “An Interview With Jeff Wolfe”

Real Magic(k) at Faux Hogwarts

The picture you see above is the outside of the American location of Gringot’s Ban… Err, I mean Higgins Armory in Worcester, MA. USA. In it’s heyday, this modern monolith which rests on the eastern outskirts of the city was an educational museum displaying coats of arms, armor and other references to historical warfare fromContinue reading “Real Magic(k) at Faux Hogwarts”

Tommie Kelly and The Forty Servants

Readers of this blog will already be familiar with artist, magician and author Tommie Kelly and his blog Adventures In WOO WOO. For those of you who are new to his work, you can find and introduction to Tommie here. Most recently, Tommie has released his very own system of magick with an accompanying oracleContinue reading “Tommie Kelly and The Forty Servants”

An Interview With Felix Warren

I came across the work of the amazingly talented Felix Warren via one of  Taylor Ellwood’s Facebook community pages. Felix is an adept artist, magician and teacher who’s work invokes a sense of beauty, color and power of which, I have not come across in many other peoples work. Felix’s ability to use art asContinue reading “An Interview With Felix Warren”

An Interview With Cat Vincent

For those of you who are not already familiar with Cat and his work, he is an established magician, author and noted Fortean journalist known best for his work as a professional combat magician. You can lean more about Cat at following links: Cat’s website: Cat’s newsletter: Cat on Twitter: @catvincent Q: WhatContinue reading “An Interview With Cat Vincent”

Another Kind of Wealth

June was a very disappointing month for me at my muggle job. I lost a large client of ten years as well as a $50,000 sale in addition to having a machine returned due to being a lemon… At first this all really worried me. After weeks of seemingly no response from Jupiter who hadContinue reading “Another Kind of Wealth”

Going Left Of Center

The phrase “Left Of Center” is a term I picked up somewhere to describe a persons actions who upon inspection, the observer may have trouble deciding if they are in fact on the cutting edge or perhaps too far out of the playing field to be taken seriously (mad). The practices I list below areContinue reading “Going Left Of Center”

Building An Egregore: A Case Study

A lot of people have asked me what this symbol means. The answer to that question is two fold. First, it is a sparian style sigil created from the letters of the name of a band that I toured New England and played professionally in for 10 years before recently breaking up. Secondly, it isContinue reading “Building An Egregore: A Case Study”

An Interview With Tommie Kelly

Below you will find an interview with magician, artist and comic writer Tommie Kelly. Tommie is one of the administrators of the Chaos Magick Group (CMG) on Facebook. Tommie is the creator of “The Great Work” comic series (highly recommended) and is a very talented artist and creative. If interested in his work, you canContinue reading “An Interview With Tommie Kelly”