Interview With The Magus REDUX: Taylor Ellwood

Taylor Ellwood is a man who needs no introduction. He has been writing and publishing books in the occult community for more than two decades and is well known throughout the world of magic. As the godfather of pop culture magic, he holds a unique position in todays world of occult thinkers. His application ofContinue reading “Interview With The Magus REDUX: Taylor Ellwood”

Interview With The Magus REDUX: Julio Cesar Ody

It has been a while since I have posted anything here, let alone announced anything of significance. That being said, today marks an instance of both. It is with great excitement that I announce to you a new series of interviews and one of which is a sequel to the original “Interview with the Magus”Continue reading “Interview With The Magus REDUX: Julio Cesar Ody”

On Burnt Fingers VS. Training

As I have recently released a book in which I interview Jason Miller, Jake-Stratton Kent and Aaron Leitch respectively, I have decided to interject my own opinions into the conversation this trio has initiated in regards to the headline of this post. As a student of Jason’s in his strategic sorcery course and a hugeContinue reading “On Burnt Fingers VS. Training”

Interview with the Magus: The Book

My latest book “Interview with the Magus” is now available. The book features interviews with witches, sorcerers, magicians, psychonauts, esoteric explorers and occultists as formerly featured on the now defunct series of the same name which I had previously authored. 100% of all profits from this book will be donated to various pagan friendlyContinue reading “Interview with the Magus: The Book”

An Offering for Madame Sherri

Nestled in the woods of New Hampshire, just over the border of Brattleboro Vermont, there is a castle… As this is New England and such a phenomena is far rarer an occurrence then it is for our counterparts in “old” England, the urge to seek out such remains was insatiable. And so, this past weekendContinue reading “An Offering for Madame Sherri”

An Interview With Judika Illes

I am overjoyed to present to you an interview with author, witch, teacher and all around amazing human being, Judika Illes. Judika is the author of the must have tome “Encyclopedia of 5,000 spells” among many other magical books. Please enjoy. Q: How would you describe your personal magical practice? A: Eclectic, independent, constant, evolving:Continue reading “An Interview With Judika Illes”

Doc Solomon’s Spell Kits: A Review

About two weeks ago I set off one of Doc Solomon’s Mercury spell kits. While with any such product your mileage may vary, I can personally say that so far this kit has been straight fire in regards to results. Each Kit comes with everything you need to perform a powerful spell for any purpose.Continue reading “Doc Solomon’s Spell Kits: A Review”

Sailing The Subconscious Sea

This past Saturday morning after rising for a drink of water, returning to bed and falling back to sleep, I had a beautiful dream about a Journey upon a river near the ocean with my wife. What started as a dream that seemed normal enough blossomed into a lucid excursion and a boat trip whichContinue reading “Sailing The Subconscious Sea”