Orbs In The Sky: Orbs In The Mind

  ORBS ON THE STAIRS by Ensomniac Last night I had a lucid dream. In the dream I was window shopping in a lovely indoor marketplace in a town that resembled a village in Vermont. It was the middle of winter, January perhaps. Outside it was cold, everything covered in about six inches of freshContinue reading “Orbs In The Sky: Orbs In The Mind”

When Dreaming of Aircraft

For what it is worth, I was never much interested in UFOs until this post. Moving along now… My dreams are the center of my spirituality and magical practice. Whether lucid or not, my dreamscapes are vast. Worlds within a universe of my own subconscious creation. It is in dreams I receive confirmation and conversationsContinue reading “When Dreaming of Aircraft”

An Interview With Chris Knowles

For this next installment of my interview series, I am pleased to introduce author Christopher Loring Knowles, proprietor of The Secret Sun Blog . For those who are not already familiar with Chris’s work, he is a man doing some amazing research and writing about pop culture, the occult, metaphysics, alternative history and where allContinue reading “An Interview With Chris Knowles”

An Interview With Cat Vincent

For those of you who are not already familiar with Cat and his work, he is an established magician, author and noted Fortean journalist known best for his work as a professional combat magician. You can lean more about Cat at following links: Cat’s website: catvincent.com Cat’s newsletter: http://tinyletter.com/CatVincent Cat on Twitter: @catvincent Q: WhatContinue reading “An Interview With Cat Vincent”

An Accidental Invocation Of Asmodeus

This is a true story of which I have placed in the context of fiction in my upcoming fantasy novel “A Labyrinth Of Dreams” due out on Barnes and Nobles website hopefully by early 2017… NOTE: All names of those involved in this tale have been changed to protect the identities of those involved. Well,Continue reading “An Accidental Invocation Of Asmodeus”

An Interview With Thad McKraken

Below I present to you, an interview with author, musician and psych magic practitioner, Thad McKraken. Thad is a regular contributor to Disinfo.com and has written several books including his most recent Transmissions From Outside of Time. Thad and I have been chatting through facebook for a few years now and I find his approachContinue reading “An Interview With Thad McKraken”

A Portal through Pain and Spirit

Sometimes, the path into the spirit realm is a painful one… I have been bed ridden for eight days now. While making progress, I am still unable to walk. Out of the eight days previously mentioned, I was in severe pain for about four of them. Now when I say “severe pain”, I mean theContinue reading “A Portal through Pain and Spirit”